Rogue Alpha's Hated Mate

Rogue Alpha's Hated Mate

By:  L.T Raymond  Ongoing
Language: English
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Lilly was a hated wolf all her life. Told her mother was an usurper and her birth had been illegal she had imprinted that into her memory. Her only source of happiness in her life was her boyfriend. Until he rejects her on the lies of her step sister. Heart broken Lily tries to escape from it all but fate plays her right back into the hands of her fathers biggest enemy Rogue Alpha Eden and he is out for her blood.

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8 Chapters
Chapter One
LilyI tried my best to hold back tears by blinking, when the slap from my mom landed on my skinny face.There was a hush in the hall. Even though my eyes were fixed to the ground, I knew that everyone was watching me.When I finally plucked up, slowly lifted my head, I stared into the cold piercing gaze of my mother. She looked at me like I was an outcast instead of her own daughter."Why did you mix the wrong drink for your sister, Lily?" she growled at me, voice as sharp as the tip of an ice shard. "Are you trying to get your sister killed?"I bite my lower lip to resist the urge to retort. I had double checked before serving it. But I know she wouldn’t listen. This had been a common excuse for mom to punish me in the past years."Mom, please don’t blame Lily! I should have noticed it’s the wrong drink. This is my fault! If - If only I could be as strong as Lily, I wouldn't be sick with a few wrong drinks! " Said my twin sister, Lisa, coming between me and mom.Mom wrapped arou
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Chapter two
LILY“No…Please…” I struggled against my mothers grip, tears pooling to my eyes as I tried to pry her hands away from my neck but her grip was stronger than mine. I couldn't blame her if she had this much hate for me after everything that her sister had done to her.She was merely projecting the hate that she had on her sister towards me, the child who had come from such an abominable act. Maybe I should never have been born. If my origin was this dirty then what use did I have in this world?As her grip on my neck tightened I could feel the world sl;ipping away from me, at the corners of my eyes darkness slowly crept in ready to claim me. I knew she was choking me to death.Suddenly there was a clattering noise from upstairs coming from the direction of the door of the cellar. Sally cocked her head to that direction, freeing me as she took to the stairs intent on finding out what had caused the noise.I breathed deeply.“Wake up Lily,” It’s Casey, she’s trying to motivate me:”Think
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Chapter Three
LILY“Lee…?”I murmured in disbelief, backing away from the somewhat unfamiliar look of disgust from the man I called mate.A stroke of pain lanced through my body and I felt like I had been hit by a truck doing fifty miles per hour on the highway. There was a brief squeezing pain in my chest and a weird tightening in my throat.How could this tremendous grief happen to me? Being rejected by my long expected mate on the first day of 18 year old…However, Lee didn’t answer me at all like what he just did was nothing more than a spit.I turned to look at the other person around, my sister Lisa. I thought it must be some misunderstanding so I explained in haste: “You know me Lee, I didn’t deliberately change the drink back at the party, I…”“Shut it Lily” Lee growled, his face flashing with anger.I stared at Lee in disbelief. In the short time he had been my boyfriend he had never talked to me this way.“I know the truth about your identity. Your sister Lisa heard everything and has told
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Chapter Four
LILYA sharp clanging sound woke me up from my slumber. My body felt like it had been infused with lead, even moving my eyes was a big task as a sharp pain lanced through my head as I moved my eyes.I could feel a dull throb in my head and slowly the events that brought me to this state filtered into my head. I had been trying to escape from my pack and my boyfriend Lee after I found him with my step sister, only to be intercepted by a bunch of rogues.The clanging sound drilled again into my thoughts, and I was forced to look in front of me. Ahead of me I could just make out a black metal door that had been barred towards the top.From the spaces created by the rods I could see the figure of a woman behind the metal door placing what looked like a set of keys into a keyhole. A little clicking sound and the metal door swung open as she stepped inside.I could immediately tell she was an enforcer by her scent. Enforcers gave off different scents from normal werewolves. She walked right
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Chapter Five
LILYJudging from other rogues’ attitudes, he must be the Rogue Alpha. He pushed me forwards, his hands still on the crook of my arm.“Kneel “he spat, and then kicked me to the ground. “Come on and surrender Old wolf, I know this is your daughter and if you don’t come here to me with your hands up in the air, I’m going to kill her.”I angrily opened my mouth, intending to shout out some bold words to the enemy before me.“Shut up Lily!” My father’s mind link stopped me, “You dare to speak out the truth of your identity and stink my reputation, I will make you regret.”I turned to look at my father with disbelief. I can’t believe all father cares about was me leaking my identity and stinking his reputation! His people were slaughtered and all he cares about was his reputation!I bowed my head, disappointment crippling me. I was faced with two options. If I told the Rogue Alpha who I really was, then he would realise that I was unimportant and kill me and on the other hand if I kept my
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Chapter Six.
It all happened in slow motion right in front of my eyes. One minute Lee had been charging towards the rogue Alpha like he was going to tear him limb from limb, and the next minute the Rogue Alpha was atop him striking down with a swipe of his huge paws as he swooped in for the kill, his jaws the size of two wolves, murder in his eyes. Suddenly my father and the rest of the pack members who hadn’t been gathered by the Rogue Alphas wolves sprang into action. The fight had begun all over again.I lost sight of the Rogue Alpha as he was suddenly surrounded on all sides by the fight. The fight around me turned into a combined cacophony of intense, growls, snapping, and crunching sounds. Howl's sliced through the night air over and over again as the fight became heavy. Being the direct reason for this fight, I was neglected.For a while, I just knelt there, having no idea of what to do or where to go. I was still weak and defenseless without my wolf, and I even lost my urge to help eit
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Chapter Seven.
The rogue Alpha moved quickly and as soon as he reached Lee he grabbed him by the neck and slammed him to the ground finishing his attack with a kick to Lee's side.Lee hit the ground unmoving and stayed like that. He moved his neck to the left to look at me and I could still see the hatred in his eyes. I could also see that he was weak, his injuries were getting the better of him.Rogue Alpha moved closer to Lee who was struggling to get to his feet and squatted on his haunches his fangs gleaming dangerously “I should kill you for that” he glowered, his eyes glowing amber as his claws extended from his hands, his fangs becoming sharp tools of destruction.“No one and I mean no one touches what belongs to me” he growled, lifting Lee by the collar of his cloth like he weighed nothing.I could see fear pass across Lee's expression as soon as the Rogue Alpha brought the claws closer to his neck.“Pl..ple…please," Lee stuttered as he begged the Alpha for mercy.I just stood behind them
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Chapter Eight.
‘Silence” Eden reapared and the hall went silent so quickly that if one dropped a pin I was sure the sound would carry through the whole hall.All eyes were fixed on Eden who was now standing close to me. I could scent him and I felt that same helpless feeling of confusion I had been earlier. Casey was mewling silently within me letting me know that this man who was about to pass on my judgment was my mate.How could he be my mate, surely Casey must be wrong, surely the moon goddess must be making a big mistake. How could the man who was going to pass my death sentence be the person I was bonded to.Eden turned his gaze towards me and a small sneer broke out across his face.“You, Lily, daughter of Bobby shall become the slave of the rogues.I felt;t a cold chill pass through my body as I stared at Eden who looked back at me with hate in his eyes like I was something about to be discarded.“You shall be drugged in order to prevent you from shifting or causing any havoc, you shall be c
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