20 Chapters
Chapter One ~ Her Delicious Scent
Music boomed all around me as brightly colored lights rhythmically flashed, piercing through the darkness and illuminating my surroundings ever so slightly. I startled when two large hands wrapped themselves around my waist. He leaned in towards me, and I could smell a blast of his minty fresh breath as it brushed against my cheek. I watched as one of his hands delicately traced up my arm, leaving my hairs standing in its wake. My body stiffened when his fingers lightly etched tiny circles onto my bare skin. With my heart racing, his hand suddenly slid behind my hair. In a stark contrast to the tenderness it had just shown, it tightly gripped the back of my neck. “What the hell are you doing?” I questioned him in a raised whisper, not wanting to cause a scene. He didn't answer me, so I cautiously looked up at him. I tried to pull myself out of his grip, and panicked thoughts began to race through my mind. You’re not my boyfriend! I don't know you. Who are you
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Chapter Two ~ Making Her Ours
Freya RoseI managed to calm myself back down and relaxed into his embrace. I had no idea why he sniffed me like that, but it had always been one of his weird little quirks. My stomach flipped and fluttered with butterflies when he let out a deep and throaty growl. It was such a turn on for me and he damn well knew it.“You smell so good baby,” he purred into my ear. He kissed my neck ever so gently, which in turn made my legs turn to jelly. “Mmm,” I moaned as he placed more warm and breathy kisses down my neck, while holding onto my shoulders so that I couldn't move. He spun me around to face him, sending an icy-cold shiver down my spine. A wave of Deja vu washed over me for the second time, but again, I ignored it and pushed it aside. It wasn't unusual for me to feel like I'd seen or felt stuff before, and it had been happening a lot more lately. I guess it started around the same time as the nightmares, almost two years a
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Chapter Three ~ Asshole!
Tristan ColeKnock, knock, knock... I startled and quickly yanked my head away from Freya's neck. I can't believe I almost bit Freya. What the hell is going on with me? I have never been this careless or out of control before, I panicked to myself.“Breakfast's ready you two.” Eleanor shouted through the bedroom door. Freya spun around to face the door, and I followed her spin to make sure that I could stay standing behind her. I couldn't let her see my canines or black eyes, especially after the fit she had earlier. I continued to stand behind her as I tried to gain back my self-control. Once I felt my canines retract, I casually made my way over to the bed. I took a quick glance into the mirror across the room, to make sure that my eyes had returned to normal. Thank God, I thought to myself as my deep blue eyes stared back at me. I sighed with relief then flopped onto the bed. <
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Chapter Four ~ Let Him Take Control
Tristan ColeI pulled the car up to Freya's house. Tyler immediately jumped out of the car, quickly followed by Cassie. I called out to them before they could walk off,“Hey, guys? Can I speak to you for a second?” They both turned around and gave me a questioning look. They nodded in unison, then stood in front of me. I rested my back against my car door and looked down at the ground. I rubbed the back of my neck as my nerves took over.I cleared my throat before addressing them.“So, how would you guys feel about me telling Freya our secret tonight after your graduation?” I asked them cautiously. I glanced up at them with a hopeful raised eyebrow, and Cassie answered immediately.“I think we should've told her years ago, but you guys already know that. So, it's just up to you, Ty.” Cassie and I both eyed Tyler in anticipation of his answer. He gazed off into the distance with his brows furrowed, clearly deep in thoug
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Chapter Five ~ Vanished Into Thin Air
Freya RoseI sat in silence just staring at Tristan. I was in complete shock after he'd told me that he was a werewolf. His eyes were as wide as saucers while he studied my face, trying to work out what I was thinking. I took in a deep breath and exhaled it slowly.“So,” I paused and raised my eyebrows at him. “A werewolf huh?” I questioned him in utter disbelief. “Yup,” he replied with an emphasized pop of the p. I didn't really know how to respond, so I just blurted out the first thing that popped into my head.“Wow. So, do you like, turn into a wolf when there's a full moon or something?” I cringed inside, after I heard the stupid question slip past my lips. He smirked and tried his utmost to hold in a chuckle.“Um... No, not exactly.” Then it happened again, I just couldn't keep my damn mouth shut, it had a mind of its own. It seemed to think that it didn't need to consult with my brain before blu
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Chapter Six ~ Did I Just See Fangs?
Freya RoseI decided against mentioning the creepy guy with the dead flowers. Today was meant to be a celebration day. To be completely honest, I barely believed what I'd just seen myself. I mean, moments before, I had just been fantasizing about a future with Tristan. Us as a family with a bunch of our werewolf pups running around in the woods. Maybe my mind got a bit carried away, and made the whole thing up?We pulled into the parking lot of our high school. We only had one high school in our town. Jasper was a small town in Alberta, Canada. It was nestled in the middle of a national park. The skyline was delicately held by stunning glacier mountains, and there were five beautiful lakes. Each lake was a different shade of color, going from a turquoise blue to an aqua green, and the water was crystal clear. The woods were lush and were home to many different animals like, Elk, Deer, Moose, Big horned Sheep and Mountain Goats. It was a gorgeous place to live
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Chapter Seven ~ Get This Bitch Off Of Me
Freya Rose Elsa dramatically waved her hand in front of my face, trying to get my attention. She then shouted, “Earth to Freya. Come in Freya.” I blinked a few times, so that I could focus on Elsa, and replied, “Sorry Elsa. What's up?” I tried my best to shake the fuzzy feeling from my head, and snap out of the daze that I was in. “Wait. Didn't I just see you in the parking lot a few minutes ago?” I looked over to see if the guy with the flowers was still there, but I didn't see him, or the girl.“Um, no. I was with Amber and Jessie. You've been standing there just staring at the parking lot for the last ten minutes,” she explained then let out a nervous giggle. “Um, can you sign my yearbook?” She held out a pen for me, and without even looking at her, I took the pen and scribbled good luck, lov
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Chapter Eight ~ Pregnant?
Freya Rose I had no idea what Cassie was on about when she asked me what was wrong with my eyes. To be honest I didn't really give two shits either. If they weren't falling out of their sockets, or leaking blood down my face, I really didn't care a shit. All I cared about right now was ripping Amber fucking Wade apart with my bare hands.I ignored Cassie completely and stormed off in the direction of Tristan and Amber. I was absolutely fuming by then, and I could hear that Cassie and Tyler were quickly following behind me. They kept frantically calling out my name, but I wasn't in the mood to listen. I knew that they would just try to calm me down and convince me not to beat Amber's ass. Which is not an option! By that point, nothing, and I mean nothing, was going to stop me from teaching that bitch a lesson. The lesson of the day was, keep your filthy skank hands, off my man!By the t
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Chapter Nine ~ Your mom's blood
Freya Rose Two weeks had passed since our graduation and I'd had a lot of things to get my head around. One being the fact that my boyfriend, best friends, and pretty much the whole town were werewolves. I'd like to say that I could look back on my life and pinpoint a certain time were something strange had happened. So that I could now say, oh, that's why that happened, or that's why they did that, because they're werewolves, but I couldn't. I'd never noticed or suspected a damn thing. I didn't have a clue. They must have either been very careful not to raise suspicion, or extremely good at covering their asses. My whole life had been normal and straight forward up until now. Two weeks ago, the only things I had to worry about were, what I was going to wear that day, getting the occasional bad hair day, or having a pimple erupt on my face. You know, ordinary teenage girl stuff.Now? Well now was way more complicated.
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Chapter Ten ~ Vampire In Your House
Freya Rose “Freya, did you hear me?” Tristan ran over to me and took both of my hands into his. I immediately tensed up and looked down at his blood-soaked fingers. My eyes widened because my hand was now smeared with my own mother's blood. “Crap!” Tristan said while pulling his hand away, then tried to apologize, “I didn't...” He began to say, but panic swept over me and I knew I had to find my mom. “Mom!”I turned on my heels and sprinted for the stairs. “She's not here Freya!” Tristan shouted after me.I stopped dead in my tracks and turned to look at Tristan with confusion, then snapped,“What do you mean she's not here?”I didn't mean to yell at him, but I was just so scared that something terrible had happened to my mom. Before he had a chance to reply, I snapped at him
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