110 chapters
"Don't show this innocent face to flatter boys" Sandy pushed her aside. Annie can tolerate everything. But when it comes to her character, she has no control over her emotions. How can this man just spat like this when he knew nothing about her?    "Don't tell me that you are flattered with my innocence" she mocked him with equal hatred in her voice. She can and she won't justify her actions to anyone at any cost. But this man needs to learn a lesson for sure. "Come on. My taste is not this cheap and do see yourself in the mirror daily." Saying so he grabbed her cheeks making her flinch with his actions. He has no control over him today.   "Of course you are beautiful. And one can just beg on knees for you. But I am not those w
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Chapter 1: Annie
Anebella pov: Sun is the only thing I love every morning. It shines brightly like always, even after many tragedies in my life. I took my Parker pen to note the date of today, as paid. I have paid the rent. A small smile crept my lips. These monthly needs, when it meets, I feel elated. The remaining days in a month I could feel relaxed.  Read more
Chapter 2: Sandy Mittal
Third-person point of view:Elegance is such a small word to say about the spacious hall which is arranged just for a public interview. The press and media people were seated comfortably all over the hall. If one doesn't know about Mittals, they would be aliens. Excitement and curiosity is the only thing in the face of every man present there. 
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Chapter 3: Sandy Annie
Sandy reached Bristol corner at sharp 5 in the evening. He is impressed with the warm welcome of the restaurant. With fast steps, he stepped inside his golden cabin to talk about the fashion show which is his dream project. Everything is almost finalised. Now all he has to do it to get the approval of shows stoppers dress with Rathores who is the main investor of the show.  Read more
Chapter 4: first encounter
Annie was baffled or rather say annoyed. He must be insane. She looked into his eyes to see whether he is serious or not. But he cares least about her thoughts. "How much did you get to do this work?" He asked again now in more serious tone.. she looked everywhere possible to move outside from there. This man carries some strange air to make people uncomfortable.
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Chapter 5: Troubled Meeting
***** "Since everyone is here, let's started" Chandrasekar voiced so professional while the other nods in agreement.  Read more
Chapter 6: Accepting Job
Annie got up early. "Should I give it a try?" She mumbled to herself as she still not clear of what she should do. Maybe scared to take any decision. "If I don't go, what will he do?" She picked up her favourite black dress and adorned herself with matching ea
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Chapter 7: First day in office
Annie reached the reception area to check about her appointment letter. As soon as Annie read the appointment contract which she needed to sign, her facial expressions changed. She grabbed those papers from Regina, the receptionist and zoomed to get inside the cabin. "Smart" she voiced out entering the cabin, clapping two times making him look at her directly. He smiled
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Chapter 8: Hidden motive
Annie and sandy left the office to have lunch. "Is this my welcome party?" She asked stepping stepping out from the car. Read more
Chapter 9: Party
Annie touched many dress and her heart fluttered with each dress. She really adored all those designs and imagined herself wearing those.Picking up the one which stole her stares, Annie touched its fabric. She is really impressed with the particular costume. It's very simple and elegant. Still, it holds a royal touch. She is damn sure that it would cost more than
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