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Blurb and Characters.
Blurb and Characters. Feisty, crazy and impulsive are the words that best describe Sasha Milton's personality. She is as the notorious leader of the school's most popular and problematic girls,"The panthers". They not only do they walk around school like they own the place, they also found pleasure in inflicting pain on others and are the biggest bullies in Clinton high school.  Read more
Chapter one: Total blackout.
data-p-id=fe4762ab650409d3f17057fd66a16e72,Sasha.So pretty much everyone in Clinton high school knows who I am. If you don’t know who I am then you probably don’t exist . Being popular hadRead more
Chapter two: Redemption
Sashadata-p-id=c7fc01e353b4eeaa347fd7a824821d5b,   "Wait, I did what?" I ask again, looking up at Amber with complete shock and confusion plastered all over my,"Well
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Chapter Three: Sweet Revenge.
Sashadata-p-id=857fe54ff9a23689d804f32c5a23e232,It's been over a week since my drunk bad girl incident and I wasn't surprised when the videos and pictures that were posted was taken down andRead more
Chapter four: My story.
Dean      "Hey baby boy!" Alyson squeals excitedly from a distance, running towards my friends and I with a wide grin plasteredRead more
Chapter five: Confrontation.
Sashadata-p-id=c8a3706b2ebbbbbae73e758286294221,It's been two days since the girls and I came up with awesome ideas on how we can taunt Dean McCain's life and today is the day I finally get to confront him face to face. I'm almost certain&nbs
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Chapter six: Guilt.
Sasha    Looking at Dean trembling suddenly made me feel like a bad person and as if reading through my thoughts, Amber holds me back and asks that we leave but I just couldn't. No matter how guilty I felt, I needed to finish what I and I still wanted my apology. So pushing my guilt aside, I walk towards him with the cat still resting in my arms but before I get to him, one of his hounds walks towards us to protect his friend but before he could come any closer to me, Tamara and Valarie move towards him and immediately kicked him in between his legs causing him to fall.

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Chapter seven: Unpleasant Surprise.
Sasha  “Huh, what's going on here? Do you two know each other?" Katelyn asks staring back at both Dean and I with a lost look on her faceRead more
Chapter eight: New housemate.
SASHA    After that night, Katelyn had become a regular guest at our house and lucky for me, she only comes with Sydney her six year old daughter.Read more
Chapter Nine: Welcome Home.
Sasha. "Wait what? you have to move in with Dean McCain? The same Dean McCain? Jesus, Sasha how can you be so unlucky?" Tamara exclaims, gasping dramatically. I sighRead more Protection Status