High School Panthers

High School Panthers

By:  Reby Grayson  Completed
Language: English
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Feisty, crazy and impulsive are the words that best describe Sasha Milton's personality. She is as the notorious leader of the school's most popular and problematic girls,"The panthers". They not only do they walk around school like they own the place, they also found pleasure in inflicting pain on others and are the biggest bullies in Clinton high school. Dean McCain is another popular heartthrob in school but unlike Sasha, he is loved and respected by every student alongside his best friends, Jake and Kyle. When Dean accidentally runs into Sasha and walks out without apologizing, all hell breaks loose as Sasha is determined to make him pay for embarrassing her and making her a laughing stock to her haters. But in the process of getting revenge and payback, they both start to learn more about each other and understand that their very perfect profile is not as it seems and that together they could help each other heal from their sad experiences.

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R.A Higheels
Excited about this! Can't wait to start!😅
2021-06-07 17:43:29
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Wow. Great book author. Well done.
2020-11-20 06:02:59
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Joanna Westwood.
I really love this book well done dear?
2020-10-27 06:49:11
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Great book hun, update soon.
2020-09-17 17:34:59
user avatar
This is an amazing book, can't wait to keep reading
2020-09-15 00:58:19
63 Chapters
Blurb and Characters.
Blurb and Characters. Feisty, crazy and impulsive are the words that best describe Sasha Milton's personality. She is as the notorious leader of the school's most popular and problematic girls,"The panthers". They not only do they walk around school like they own the place, they also found pleasure in inflicting pain on others and are the biggest bullies in Clinton high school.  
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Chapter one: Total blackout.
data-p-id=fe4762ab650409d3f17057fd66a16e72,Sasha.So pretty much everyone in Clinton high school knows who I am. If you don’t know who I am then you probably don’t exist. Being popular had always been my dream since coming to the states as it seemed like the only way to stop the constant bullying I was subjected to back in Mexico. If I made a name for myself, there would be no way anyone would dare to go against me, it took me a while but with a lot of effort and determination, the Panthers were formed. It’s quite ironic that the very thing I ran away from is the very thing that brought me the popularity I’ve yearned for all my life, but as the leader of the nastiest bullies in school, I couldn't bring myself to dwell on that for too long because right now, being a bully didn’t seem that wrong anymore.Besides they were a lot of misconceptions about us anyway since everyone thinks we are just rich brats that believe they owned the world. Not the case as we all had our problems but th
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Chapter two: Redemption
Sashadata-p-id=c7fc01e353b4eeaa347fd7a824821d5b, "Wait, I did what?" I ask again, looking up at Amber with complete shock and confusion plastered all over my face."Well you got drunk and passed out in the parking lot on the floor and we had to carry you home, but believe me that is not the worst part of all this," Amber replies, looking around as if waiting for someone to rescue her from having to reply to me with the complete answers that I desperately needed. "Stop with the stupid suspense bitch and tell me what the hell happened! What the fuck did I do?" I yell angrily, sounding way harsher than I intended to but honestly, at this point, I could care less if my tone hurt her feelings."There’s no need to raise your voice at me sweetheart. This is what happened, you passed out shamelessly on the floor and everyone at the party took a lot of pictures and now you're trending number one on our school’s social media pages as the drunk bad girl. ‘Panthers tough bitch drunk as fuc
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Chapter Three: Sweet Revenge.
Sasha It's been over a week since my drunk bad girl incident and I wasn't surprised when the videos and pictures that were posted were taken down and deleted from the school’s social media platforms and nobody in school said a word about it all through the rest of the week.Just in case you're wondering what happened to the stupid scapegoat that called me a fool to my face, well I heard she moved out of town with her parents but before you think it’s my fault, it’s not. She most definitely couldn’t have left town with her parents just because I cut her hair. It turns out her family had financial issues and because they couldn't keep up with the expenses and the fees in Clinton high, they relocated. It’s a pity but I could care less. "Sasha, Sasha, I found something and I can bet a million bucks that you’ll love what I have to say." Tamara screams at me excitedly, attracting unnecessary attention from other students in the auditorium but with a glare that screamed ‘Mind your business,
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Chapter four: My story.
Dean "Hey baby boy!" Alyson squeals excitedly from a distance, running towards my friends and I with a wide grin plastered on her annoying face. At this point, I honestly wish more than anything that I could get her out of my life forever but I can't do that at least not right now. Alyson had to be the most unbearable and craziest person in my life right now and the only reason I still haven't left her is simply because she might be a threat to my freedom and I since I’m not ready to lose my freedom, I had to continue dealing with her but believe she's a fucking pain in the ass."What is it you want Alyson? As you can see, I’m busy with my friends."I hiss at her immediately, sounding very irritated as usual."Oh c'mon babe, you know perfectly well why I’m here. I obviously came here to invite you for lunch. Are you in?" She asks with a tight lipped smile and I could tell she was only trying her best to hide her anger by smiling at me and since I wasn't in the mood for her embarrassi
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Chapter five: Confrontation.
Sasha It's been two days since the girls and I came up with awesome ideas on how we can taunt Dean McCain's life and today is the day I finally get to confront him face to face. I'm almost certain he thinks that I've either forgotten about the situation or even worse that I forgave him in any way or decided to overlook it. Unfortunately for him, what he doesn't know is that I'm just getting started with him cause for me forgiveness doesn't exist. After two hours of continuous rants and arguments with the receptionist at the animal shelter home, Valarie was finally able to rent a cat and I had asked her to rent the most furry cat she could find. As for Tamara she was able to pay off her weird cousin, Max, so he could help her get a jar of multi coloured butterflies since her uncle who she thought was gonna help her get them, didn’t come through for her. Amber on the other hand was able to dig out some dirt on Alyson and Dean’s relationship and she found out they were the worst co
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Chapter six: Guilt.
Sasha Looking at Dean trembling suddenly made me feel like a bad person and as if reading through my thoughts, Amber held me back and asked that we leave but I just couldn't. No matter how guilty I felt, I needed to finish what I and I still wanted my apology.So pushing my guilt aside, I walk towards him with the cat still resting in my arms but before I get to him, one of his hounds walks towards us to protect his friend before he could come any closer to me, Tamara and Valarie move towards him and immediately kicked him in between his legs causing him to fall."Listen, boys, I'm not here to hurt your friend more than I already have. I'm only here to receive a much-deserved apology and I want it now!" I tell them sternly looking straight into his eyes with a wicked grin on my face. As much as I hated it I couldn't help but notice his ocean blue eyes, he had the most beautiful blue eyes and I think his itching made them prettier and it’s all thanks to me. "Y..you want an a..apolo
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Chapter seven: Unpleasant Surprise.
Sasha  “Huh, what's going on here? Do you two know each other?" Katelyn asks staring back at both Dean and I with a lost look on her face
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Chapter eight: New housemate.
SASHA    After that night, Katelyn had become a regular guest at our house and lucky for me, she only comes with Sydney her six year old daughter.
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Chapter Nine: Welcome Home.
Sasha. "Wait what? you have to move in with Dean McCain? The same Dean McCain? Jesus, Sasha how can you be so unlucky?" Tamara exclaims, gasping dramatically. I sigh
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