34 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Conference
Barbara Brown’s POVThe dripping of the water from the tap as I was looking at the walls. I need to fucking calm down. I don’t even know why I was being nervous when I was trying to control the nerves. Read more
Chapter 2: The Accident
Brandon Cornwall’s POVI was getting tired of these missed calls. I don’t know why my father was insisting for me to talk with him. Well, fuck it! I know what he wanted to say and right now, I don’t have time to deal with this.
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Chapter 3: The Boldness
Barbara Brown’s POV “That would be all, thank you,” Mr. Cornwall said as I was looking at him. He was smiling before he waved at the crowd after the Question and Answer session about the new excavation. “I think I wanted
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Chapter 4: The Breakfast
Barbara Brown’s POVI have told my professor that I was feeling under the weather when I was looking at her. She nodded before she and Adam went out of the hotel and sightseeing in the city. It’s not like I was not I was being left out, it just…I have known this city my whole life. 

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Chapter 5: The Contract
Barbara Brown’s POVI don’t know where we were but I know this, I have entered into Brandon Cornwall’s suite. It was nice for a hotel and expensive if by my calculation. You know how broke you were when you were in awe of everything.Read more
Chapter 6: The Meeting
Barbara Brown’s POVOh my God! I did not mean since it was only my reaction to the kissing that we just shared. I felt something inside me when I was trying to control the anger and something else inside me. It pooled in my stomach and befo
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Chapter 7: Coming Home
Barbara Brown’s POVAfter that meeting with my parents and the signing of the contract and marriage registration, I was on my way back to New York City. It was dreadful because we were on night flight but with the 3 hours different from California, we will be landing there at 7 AM.Read more
Chapter 8: The Order
Brandon Cornwall’s POVI smirked as I looked at the phone when Barbara, my fiancée hung up on me. I cannot believe her, no one dares to do it but she did it in less a day of meeting me and knowing me. Well maybe not personally yet bu
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Chapter 9: The Familiarity
Barbara Brown’s POVThe weekend was pretty fast. I cannot think of any way that I was spending most of my time in the house and do nothing. It was bliss and now it was Monday. The Monday blues were real and I felt it on my brain right now.
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Chapter 10: The Get-to-Know
Barbara Brown’s POVI was nervous, to say the least when Brad was parking in front of the house, nope it’s a mansion, and I was breathing heavily. I don’t know if I can pull this off right now when everything was so close to me.
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