Trash one

Trash one

Oleh:  Jate  Tamat
Bahasa: English
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A future heir of the top wealthiest family in the world got kicked out because of selfishness and greed on money. He married into a family with the most beautiful lady in the city. For the passed six years he endured the all of kind humiliations and being called a useless piece of trash, but they doesn't know that he is a young master of the most influencial and top wealthy family in the world.

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Chapter 1 Poor Jate Woods
Seven years was passed when Jate was kicked out of the family. Because of framing up by some of his clan elders.They hate him because of jealous, and becoming the next head of the family. Because his family is one of the top class wealthiest clan in the world.They do anything and accused him for spending/ wasting tens of billions in girls, casino gambling etc.They even do everything they can to framed him up
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Chapter 2: Top Beauty of Eastblue
On that they. Albert winston arranged a simple weeding for him and his grand daughter Angela Winston, she is one of the top beauties in Eastblue province.Most of the wealthiest in this country are from Northblue Lake. Where the Woods  family located in.Yes, gramps Albert Wiston family is located at here in Eastblue its very far from North. They've have traveled for almost 10hours to get here in Eastblue.
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Chapter 3: Please comeback home
When Jate about to leave the building and got up on his ebike. Someone hit accidentally his ebike on the back. When he turned back looked who hit it. A black BMW 540 with a high specs and that makes it a expensively luxury car.Someone inside opened the car door and got down on the car. He expressions was darkened with an murderous aura emitting around him. Jate was done for sure..... A car that costs at least several hundred thousand dollar......"Are you fucking blind? Do you know how much this car cost?""You don't even have a chance to afford it even if you've worked hard in your lifetime!"..."You bastard!"  When he recognized him "Oh, it's you the fucking live in son in law!".... The young man said with darkened expressions.Jate clenched his fist and hold his anger towards him. But....He was the eldest broth
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Chapter 4 Imperial Group of Companies
On that way... Jate is going to pick up his wife after her work. He drove his Ebike and went to the office where his wife working. Her working salary is not far exceeding as high but not as low. Her position is assistant head of the Interior design department in the company.She was longnging to get promoted as a Head of the department. Her ability are outstanding, no one can compare her. But in instead she's never been promoted because of bias of her family towards her.She's always working hard for the company but no one appreciated her efforts, but in fact she's always been humiliated about her status and her live-in husband,. But after this she's ignoring them even if it hurts much for her.When Jate was arrived at the company, he saw Angela waiting at the entrance of the company. He rushed and get her in his Ebike and leave the building. Then suddenly a car stopped in their front and nearly hit Jate and Angela. A man got
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Chapter 5 New boss
A guy from outside came inside the family hall. Coincidentally he was the one who pursuing a love for Angela. He was a guy with prominent family background. He is Charles Wilson from the Wilson Family.His family is well known at the Eastblue city. They was have a strong connections at the most influential family across the city. They much ahead wealthier than the Winston family."What a coincidence you've really came..." Excited greetings of Alice Winston to Charles. "I came here because uncle Drake invited me to come here recently..."humbly answered of Charles..."I came here not only for uncle Drake invitation but also I came here to offer my senserity and respect towards to you Grandma...." Alice face becomes happier her smile is like a 180° angle."Grandma I'd like to propose a marriage proposal to Angela you know that I'm inlove with her since we were childhood..."Angela and Charles
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Chapter 6 Secretary Young
They continuesly mocked Jate their new boss. Hence his expressions becoming coldly, then finally a moment later a gorgeous woman wearing an formal attire, came out on the building.She is Celine Young. A head secretary appointed by the Head of the Company grandfather of Jate Woods. Her skills are outstanding maybe on par comparable to the CEO of the any company.She was a successful company owner but later on, Her company is completely distroyed by the members of board committee. Because Some members of the board are corrupting the fu
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Chapter 7 Rebuild?
Those two behind her didn't know what to do, they completely confused about Celine's actions towards this beggar. Why is she so respectful towards him what potion did he used to tame the so called "monster beast Celine."Celine is so called for her infamous title "Monster Beast Celine" she known for her cruelty, that who dare to offend her would definitely crippled permanently. The last person she crippled were in state of coma right now even if it has already eight months passed. What a monster.Then suddenly she turned back  and glared on those two behind her. Her looks became sharp as sword, Ms. Kyla and Mr. Lawson's face turned pale, sweating, and their whole body were shaking, thier confident legs recently became jelly as soft as slime."You two!".. a boiling voice they heard from celine. "Do you know what you've done!?,.. Do you know who is this man in front of you?!.. . Do you think you can survived after what you've don
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Chapter 8 "Nah? You don't want it?"
On the next day... Jate already woken up early, he prepared the breakfast fo the three. He's doing it usually everyday. After they eat together, Angela took a shower and got changed and ready to go for work. When they arrived at Angela's office, Jate didn't usually staying for so long on her office, its rarely  seen that he stayed there this whole morning., Angela were so surprised about it. "I thought you were bored when your staying here for so long, what's with you?" She asked with curious looks.... "Nah? You don't want?" He replied... "Huh it's not like that....", she added.. "I feel comportable staying here recently,.. then he smile... Baca selengkapnya
Chapter 9 Shameless ha ha
Angela....On the next day...Jate always continued his daily routine at our house, preparing food and taking me on work. I'm not surprised about it anymore, maybe when at first I'm so surprised but later on I'm getting used to it anyway he he he, he's always staying humble that makes me feels so comfortable when I saw him around.Seven years had passed already my hatred againts him was begone slowly fading I don't know why. Who on earth that has not will be pissed off when your grandfather arranged an marriage out of the blue, to the person you only met once that day, I'm so pissed off againts my grand father's stupid idea. I don't know why but, that day his background was unknown he's became just an useless live in son in law that time. I didn't allow him to get near at me even on bed time ha ha ha, I laid on the bed while about him is on the floor, well of course I really don't care about him
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Chapter 10 Sky Island
Angela...I don't know what's going on, but I'm so surprised when we stopped in front of a restaurant, a while ago. It's our first time eating together outside. Is it a date? He became gloomy this past few days. I feel seemed confused,. But it's okay i felt relieved that he's going manlier now.I want him to change but i couldn't dare to ask him, maybe its a bit awkward ha ha ha... On next five days are our marriage anniversary I don't know if he will going to surprised me about it,.I felt jealous when i saw or heard that my friends are celebrating their anniversaries in a grand ocassion, in luxurious hotel or place in the city.That is one of my dream. I'm dreaming that someday I will be experiencing its super event in my life. My marriage with Jate is so simple, I hate my grand father the he married me in an unknown guy i felt depressed that day and him.I never dreamed
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