If Loving You Is Wrong

If Loving You Is Wrong

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If I die, will you miss me? At the last minute of her life, she still craves for him,however,he just replied coldly,you do not deserve it.Why? Loving you is more painful than death.

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Chapter 1
Ah ...... Alex ...... gently ......" The man's body was mixed with the smell of alcohol, and he slammed into the woman's body without mercy. After a wave of tremors, Emma Rosy finally regained some strength and got up from the bed, "I'm going to take a shower first." "Okay." Alex Brown nodded. Emma Rosy stepped into her soft slippers and went to the bathroom. In the year they had been married, they had had sex very few times, and this was the first time Alex Brown had been so active. Emma Rosy finished her shower and quickly put on her nightgown and came out, but to her surprise, The man has disappeared.. Emma Rosy was stunned, her bright eyes a little dark. At that moment, Alex Brown pushed in the door, he had changed into a neat dress, his hair was still dripping down, his sharp eyebrows looked at Emma Rosy without blinking, and he was holding a document in his hand. Alex Brown walked over slowly and unsmilingly, "This is the divorce agreement, you sign it." At once, Emma Rosy's hea
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Chapter 2
Emma Rosy's eyes were red and she looked at Alex Brown: "I'm still your wife, and you're helping others to insult me?" "Not after you sign the papers." Alex Brown said in a resolute manner. With that, he loosened his grip on Emma Rosy's wrist, then pulled out a tissue and wiped his hand, then throwing it in the trash. Emma Rosy's wrist was pinched a little red, and the pain in her face did not ease half, what is more, the pain in her heart was even more. She glanced at them somewhat wretchedly and asked , "If we divorce, you'll have to get out of Richard Group and have nothing left, are you sure you want to divorce me?" Alex Brown sneered, said mockingly and meanly, "Sorry, maybe I haven't told you that the last name here is no longer Richard." He took out a document and handed it to Emma Rosy, "Why don't you take a look?"
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Chapter 3
Marisa Miller, called out to her in time: "Wait, Emma, why don't we sit down and talk?" Emma Rosy did not walk away, but turned around and sat down. Marisa Miller's mouth curled up in a smile as she gently stirred the coffee in front of her: "I'm pregnant." Her tone was careless, and Emma Rosy's palms tightened. "It seems that you got together before I got divorced, how shameful!" During the time when her father was first hospitalized, Emma Rosy was too busy to care about Alex Brown. She didn't expect They of them to hook up at that time! Emma Rosy's voice was a bit sharp: "So Alex Brown is in such a hurry to divorce me." Marisa Darcy didn't even answer her, but gave a pleading smile: "Emma, please , we love each other with all our hearts." "Truly?" Emma Rosy was exasperated and asked, "Then why didn't you come when you were going to marry Alex Brown?" Marisa Darcy didn't want to pretend in front of her anymore, so she simply showed her true face and sneered contemptuously, "Tha
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Chapter 4
He really didn't expect that Emma Rosy would dare to commit suicide! The doctor said, if he had found out later, Emma Rosy might have died! Emma Rosy smiled lightly, and her pale face looked a bit more spirited, "Okay, I promise." At least ...... she has been desperate to survive. After her father's heart bypass surgery, she can find an easier job and take care of him while raising her baby. With that in mind, Emma Rosy settled down and said slowly, "Thank you." As soon as she finished speaking, Alex Brown left the room with a sullen face. After that day, Alex Brown did not come to see her. However, when Emma Rosy went to her father's hospital after she was feeling better, she learned that all the money had been paid back and her father's surgery had been arranged in time. Emma Rosy was relieved to see her father's peaceful face in the hospital bed. "The surgery was a success, and he should be well soon if there are no problems in the next few days." Dr. Lin said. Emma Rosy rev
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Chapter 5
After Marisa Darcy left, Emma Rosy waited alone in the room for Alex Brown. She didn't know how long it took, but when she was about to fall asleep, Alex Brown finally arrived. Emma Rosy felt very estranged with him. She licked her dry lips and looked up at him with urgency: "You didn't do it, did you?" She wanted so much he said no, but she knew it was self-defeating. Alex Brown smirked. "My father ......" Emma Rosy stammered, she didn't have the courage to ask. The answer was obvious , Alex Brown unceremoniously broke her last hope: "Do you really think I would buy tonic for Aarn Richard?Ha, those are all chronic poisons." Emma Rosy could not help but shudder and her heart went cold. Emma Rosy did not say a word. Alex Brown lifted Emma Rosy's chin up, forcing her to look up at him, his cold eyes stared at her unblinkingly, "I'm telling you, Emma Rosy, you will also go through a hard time! " She never thought she would give up Alex Brown in this way, and she smiled bitterly. He
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Chapter 6
Emma Rosy tried to escape like a madman. But she was so weak, she only took two steps, and was forced against the corner by Joseph Pratt in the dark."No... no ..."Emma Rosy shook her head vigorously, begging Joseph Pratt.Joseph Prat was so happy, she kicked Emma Rosy in the stomach with a fierce look: "Go to hell, Emma Rosy! "Suddenly.Emma Rosy saw the wooden stick in the corner, which was used by the women in prison to dry their clothes, as thick as a wrist.She gritted her teeth and with all her strength, she grabbed the stick and slammed it on Joseph Pratt!Joseph Pratt immediately fell to the ground and lost consciousness!The floor was covered with blood, staining Emma Rosy's white canvas shoes."Someone's killing people here. Somebody help!""Somebody, call a doctor, someone's dead."Emma Rosy's hand holding the stick was shaking, she stared at Joseph Pratt in shock.The guard asked someone to take Joseph Pratt away. Emma Rosy stood there for a long time. She watched the gua
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Chapter 7
"That's it."Emma Rosy smiled, holding her flat belly with her little hand, thinking, it's great, the baby is still there.The sunlight fell through the window pane on the pale cheeks of the young girl in the hospital bed.Alex Brown looked at her smile and was reminded of her youth.Emma Rosy's smile has always been bright. She was like a little princess, who should have been spoiled by everyone.At that time, he looked at her as a sister, and also wanted to spoil this little girl for life, but later...Later, it all changed.Alex Brown remembered that someone had informed him to come to see Emma Rosy in the hospital today and he asked her, "Who was the person who saved you?"Alex Brown' question puzzled Emma Rosy.She lifted her small face, her black and white eyes filled with doubt: "Didn't you save me?"If Alex Brown didn't save her, then who did...?Emma Rosy's eyes were downcast in thought as Alex Brown stared at the person on the bed.A palm-sized cheek, red and swollen.Then he
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Chapter 8
Somehow, Emma Rosy seemed to feel the movement of the baby. Like expressing that she was thinking of her. She guffawed and smiled softly, "Mommy knows ......" The harsh female voice broke the peace of the room: "Tsk - Emma Rosy, you are actually still well." It was Marisa Miller. She stood in front of Emma Rosy and looked down at the thin and dry girl: "Emma Rosy, you look like this, I am so happy." Emma Rosy raised her eyes to look at her, her eyes calm and unruffled. "Marisa Miller, what did you come to see me for?" If she remembers correctly, she is now a prisoner, and Marissa Miller needs court approval to see her. But now, she just waltzed in. As if this was her backyard, she could come and go as she pleased. Marisa Darcylooked at Emma Rosy's slightly bulging belly, and the sinister look in her eyes was unmistakable: "I came to see you, of course, to see how my child is doing, are you taking good care of him?" Marisa Darcywas not used to seeing Emma Rosy's breezy expression.
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Chapter 9
Alex Brown sat in his chair for a while and went into the emergency room, Marisa Darcyhad awakened. Because of the injuries to her face and legs, the originally exquisite and beautiful had become ugly. Marisa Miller's eyes flashed and she covered her injured cheeks with both hands: "Alex , don't look at me." She knew Alex Brown, he would be angry with Emma Rosy. His heart softened and he stepped forward to hold Marisa Miller's hand: "It's not ugly, it's okay." "Am I really useless-" Marisa Darcybites her lip and lifts her wounded and bandaged little face to look at Alex Brown. "No, don't worry, the baby will be there again." Marissa Miller stared at Alex Brown blankly. "Alex, I heard the doctor say, I know I won't have a baby, let's end this way, you should go to Emma Rosy, or... find another person who loves you …" The way she hid her face and sobbed in a low voice reminded Alex Brown of the woman. Each time, he slammed the door and left. Emma Rosy was hiding her face and lowering
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Chapter 10
In the notebook, it was clearly written that her mother was the only daughter of the Wright Family, an imperial plutocrat, but she fell in love with her father. The love of the wrong family is not blessed by the elders. They eloped and established the Richard Group. Her mother's father, her grandfather, has always been concerned about them, and without the Wright Family's help, the Richard Family would not have risen so quickly over the years. When her father learned that he was ill and that Alex Brown was ambitious, he wrote an email to her grandfather, asking him to send her out of the country. But before the mail could be sent, her father had passed away. Joe Wright and her grandfather found out about it after she went to prison. It was too late. The Wright Family had to use all their connections to get her out of jail. Then Joe Wright stepped in to overturn her case and return her to freedom. Ten minutes passed. Emma Rosy gave Joe Wright the notebook whose handwriting had disappear
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