Staying this close to her was only increasing the frenzy that came from our mate bond, and my desperation to clear the air with her.

I was at a loss for words at the moment, but I badly needed to say something that might excuse my actions that night and reduce the hate and disgust she was feeling toward me right now.

I needed to convince her that what I had with Joyce meant nothing and it already ended. For good.

She picked up the last clothes and quickly stood straight. I followed suit, like a man without his own mind. Like I was being controlled by her every move and every facial expression.

"Please, excuse me, Master." Her words were rushed as she took hurried steps. It was fucking obvious that she was trying to run away from me.

I stepped in front of her, blocking her path. "Just a second, Carla. Please." I was fucking pleading and that was crazy, because why the fuck?

She was just an Omega. I don't ever beg Omegas. But for Carla, I could do anything, even the craziest. And that leaves me wondering how she hasn't understood the influence she had on me. She wasn't that naive. And it was getting clearer that I was crazy about her. She was my fucking kryptonite. How could she not fucking see it?

"What– what do you want, Master?" She asked, and her face was still lowered.

I wasn't sure if she was doing that out of respect or if she was just trying not to look at me, but it was tugging at my nerves.

Her turquoise eyes have always been quite a sight, and right now, I wanted to look into them. To see how much hate was lying deep inside them and know if I stood a chance of getting on her good books soon. But she was hiding them from me and there was nothing I could do about that.

"Uh– how are you doing?" I asked nervously. There were a lot of things I wanted to say but I didn't know how to start them. So I'd rather start with the simplest of them all.

"I'm fine." She replied bluntly.

That's all? Wouldn't she ask me back? Wasn't she a bit curious about my well-being? It hurts to know that she didn't care enough to ask.

But then again, can I blame her? No. Because I've never really given her a reason to give a clean fuck about me. All I've been to her is a certified jerk.

"Uh– I see you're going to do the laundry. Need any help?" It was a stupid question because I don't even do the laundry, so how do I intend to help?

"No, thank you, Master, but I'm fine." She replied. She was getting impatient and uncomfortable. It wasn't nice delaying her while she was on duty. So I better cut to the chase and let her go do her chores.

"I'll be seeing you in school soon, right? Tomorrow, perhaps?" It was important to know that she would be returning to school.

Enrolling in all her classes was the only way I could keep an eye on her and I'm scared she might decide to drop out or change schools just to stay away from me.

Heaven knows that I'm also gonna switch to whatever school she decides on going to and if she decides to drop out, then home sweet home!

I'll be dropping out too. It was no joke. My life literally revolves around her, more so after confirming that she was my mate.

"Yes. I'll be returning to school in a few days. I just need to take care of some chores here."


I couldn't help the smile that stretched out my lips. "Cool. I guess I'll be seeing you in school."

"Okay." Another blunt reply from her and she was trying to walk away again.

"Carla, wait." I persisted, blocking her path again. Her brows shot up in irritation and it got me a bit agitated. "I'm sorry. I just need to talk to you."

"About what?"

"That night." I gulped, growing more nervous. "The coronation night. When you came into my room and uh–"

I had to stop talking as I noticed the deep, pink hue that covered her cheeks. She got flushed by my words – why? What could she possibly have thought about?

Could she be affected by the fact that she saw my cock? Was she getting flushed because of shame or disgust? I wasn't sure which was the reason behind her reaction. But I waited till she was a bit calmer before I continued.

"What you saw – me, fucking Joyce….it wasn't…" I was stuttering because there were no right words to excuse my actions.

"You don't owe me any explanation, Master." She said, with a blank expression, and for the first time, she was looking at me. "It isn't any of my business. As a matter of fact, I should be the one apologizing for interrupting the moment–"

"Fuck, no. Don't fucking apologize. You don't owe me that." I stopped her and took a step closer. She flinched."And I do owe you an explanation."


My head tilted to the side at her question.


Hell no, I can't tell her why. If I told her right now that she was my mate, it would end in chaos. I'd rather come up with another reason.

"Because I don't think it was right. You're one of my personal Omegas and you shouldn't have seen me in that improper situation."

"It's really none of my business, Master. We don't have to discuss who you sleep with and who you don't sleep with. It's your personal life and I'm not really interested in it. So please, do excuse me. I need to work."

"Wait, Carla." Pulling her back was unintentional but the second I grabbed her hand, I felt the shock from our mate bond.

She didn't feel it and that was because she's yet to turn twenty. She can only feel the bond at twenty. And I have to win her over before she turns twenty. If I don't, I'll be doomed.

"Master, please. Just let me go. This is getting uncomfortable and I hate it. Please, let go of my hand." She said firmly, looking me dead in the eyes.

She might be timid, shy, and a little less opinionated around others but with me, she always has this fire around her. Her hatred for me was so raw that it couldn't be held back by her timid personality. She can't hide it, even if she tries.

Too bad, I can't leave her alone. Even if I wanted to.

"Joyce doesn't mean shit to me." I blurted out, still holding her hand. "She was my fuck-buddy but I already ended it. I'm not exactly that much of a jerk. Maybe I was, but not anymore. I need you to believe that."

Her eyes flickered and her lips were shaking. She almost said something but her gaze lingered over my shoulder, staring in a particular direction.

I felt the extra presence too and I turned to see Joyce watching us. She was fuming with anger and was glaring at Carla.

Why did she have to come out now?! She just ruined my explanations! Now, Carla will think the absolute worst of me.

"You don't have to explain anything to her. She's just an Omega. A lowly, miserable, and unattractive Omega." Joyce said with heavy scorn.

Carla's eyes grew wet with tears and she lowered her head again. It made me feel guilty. But more than that, it got me very angry and I felt like snapping Joyce's neck.

"You're just an Omega too, so don't fucking think you're any different!" I backfired on her.

She might think she's somewhat special because I was fucking her pussy. But that stops now. It's about time she realizes that she is like everyone else. And there was no form of attachment between us anymore.

Her eyes took a red shade as hot tears dropped from them. "Dawson…"

"Just leave, Joyce. Get out of here. Don't make me do something I might regret later." I warned, taking a strong breath to control my rage.

Her anger was evident and she looked like she wanted to pounce on Carla. But then, she sucked it up and walked away, wiping her hands over her teary eyes.

I felt relieved that I was finally able to get rid of her. She was becoming too persistent and clingy. A fucking nuisance!

"I wish to be excused, Master," Carla spoke up again, and I was reminded that she was still next to me.

"I'm sorry about what just happened. I–"

"Please excuse me, Master. I have more important things to do." She cut me off and began walking away. This time, she didn't wait for my permission.

She was walking away while I was in the middle of a talk. That was a huge insult and she would have been hugely punished if she was just another random Omega.

But she wasn't. And that gives her the right to do whatever she wants with me and not get questioned for it.

"Son." Mother called behind me. I didn't even notice when she approached me. I was lost in staring at Carla's retrieving form.

"Mother." I sighed, finally looking away from Carla. Watching her leave was torture. I'd rather stop looking.

"You should try to be nicer to her, Son. She's a sweet girl and you know I fancy her a lot." Mother said with a heavy note of affection in her voice.

"Mother, I'm not doing anything to her." On the contrary, she's the one fucking my mind up without realizing what she's doing.

"Son, I know that you and your friends bully her for her tomboy looks. But I guarantee you there's more to her than just her looks. You should try to get to know her." Mother said as we headed downstairs and out of the house.

How do I tell her that I've been trying but Carla won't give me a chance? Three years ago and the night of the coronation seems to have sealed my ugly fate with het. She might never let me close to her.

The driver opened the door and I waved at my parents for the last time.

"Take care, son."

"You too, Mother. Father." I flashed them a quick smile. But it vanished as I sighted Carla strutting the front yard with the basket. She didn't even glance in our direction and I was hoping she would.

Her cold attitude towards me was disheartening but it wasn't enough reason to give up on her.

In five months, she would be twenty years old, and then she would find out that I was her mate. I have to make her be head-over-heels in love with me before that happens. Or she would reject the mate bond, and I'd be without a mate.

I had just five months to make Carla Jason my girl. 118 days to win her over. It felt like a life-or-death situation and it was. But I can't win her over here in the Packhouse. Too many prying eyes, including Mother.

I have to wait till she returns to school. There, she wouldn't have many chores to attend to and I wouldn't feel guilty when I seized her for hours and forced her to talk to me.

"Son, what are you looking at?" Mother asked, distracting me from my thoughts.

"Nothing, Mother." I shook my head with another forced smile. "Later." I waved again and got into the car.

We slowly pulled away from the drive of the Packhouse and we were headed to pick up my buddies so we could return to school together.

I spent all hours of the ride thinking of my complicated situation with Carla. Figuring out how to make her fall in love with me before the time expires.

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