Chapter 400 Here Comes the Foodie

She stood up and looked at the swamp in front of her. If they didn't go back, they must have gone ahead. But how did they pass through?

It was absolutely impossible for them to walk past.

Gu Xi frowned, looked up at the dense branches and leaves, and the vines that were fishing down, and her eyes flashed.

"Tongtong, hold me tight later." Gu Xi carried the child on her back, climbed up the tree, pulled the strong vines in her hand, and said.

Tong Tong nodded heavily.

Gu Xi looked ahead and took a deep breath. She kicked hard and flew out with the vines.

Just as she was about to touch the other one, a strange sound suddenly came from above her head. Gu Xi looked up and saw the creature clearly. Her eyes narrowed as she withdrew her hand. The two of them returned to their original position with the swaying vine.

There was a little creature with a silver body and a unique appearance on the tree opposite her, like a cat or a fox. It was staring at them with its big, wet, sky-blue eye
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