Chapter 399 The Two Missed

"Master, what do you mean..." Yang Fan's expression suddenly froze, and then he suddenly understood. He quickly turned around and ordered everyone.

That snake's body was at least three meters long, and its body was enormous. As for the swamp, if they do not move, it would sink very slowly.

They could use the snake body to pass.

Yang Fan had to admire his master.

The bodyguards were top-notch masters, so they could carry the python.

Although it took a lot of effort, at least they successfully put its body down.

Yang Fan took the lead and walked over. Seeing that there was no problem, he made a gesture.

Ruan Meng'er felt nauseous. She looked pitifully at Xing Beiyan, trying to ask him to carry her over.

However, Xing Beiyan left without even giving her a glance?

Everyone turned a blind eye to her and hurried over.

Although it sank very slowly, the snake's body kept sinking. When they walked over, half of its body was already drowned.

Seeing this, Ruan Meng'er got. Finally, she
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