Chapter 442 Who Can Resist It?

Uncle Li shook his head helplessly when he thought of Nan Sheng and Nan Kui, who had ventured into the dark forest to save their father.

"This must be Young Master Xing's wife. Congratulations on your reunion." He shifted his gaze to Gu Xi.

Gu Xi smiled politely.

"This is the room prepared for you. Call me if you have any problems. You may feel wronged to live here. After all, the situation in the Nan family is not very good, so..." Uncle Li said apologetically as he took the two people to the reception room of the building.

"It doesn't matter. We've thought about staying here for a while. It's naturally the best place to live here." Xing Beiyan nodded.

After saying a few more words, Uncle Li left.

The family of four entered the room.

The room was very big. According to Xing Beiyan's request, they specially prepared an extra room. Gu Xi knew what he meant and did not say anything about it.

The furniture in the living room was well-arranged and very beautiful. She opened the cur
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