Chapter 219 Go If You Want To

“I can tell by looking at that lady that she’s not a good person, she even drove a Ferrari to work, as if she’s worried that people can’t tell that she’s rich. Tsk, what’s so amazing about that? She’s just taking advantage of her beauty.”

“Exactly, exactly. Once the CEO gets tired of her, she’ll probably be too embarrassed to go out!”

Li Yanran, who was watching amongst the crowd, curled her lips proudly.

‘Just you wait. Since you made things difficult for me, I won’t let you have it any better!’

On the other hand, Gu Xi was not thinking much and was enjoying her lunch happily with Xing Beiyan when she received a phone call all of a sudden.

The atmosphere in the office became strange right away.

Xing Beiyan frowned upon seeing Gu Xi’s odd expression as he did not know what happened. “What’s wrong?” He asked while removing a grain of rice from the corner of her mouth.

“Darling, I might need to head out in the afternoon,” Gu Xi answered hesitantly.

“Hmm? Go if you want to
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