56- Mistake or Murder?

The party was in full swing as they walked ahead to the main area. Immediately they found Hailey coming towards them with a happy smile on her face. Her hand was wrapped around Liam's while her six inched heels clad feet and ivory gown clad body shimmied towards them excitedly.

Her eyes met Eva's and halted for a moment before going back to Rush as she squealed, "You came exactly on the right time! Thank you!!"

Rush grinned and hugged her, wishing her a happy birthday. Once he pulled back, Eva did the same and wished her.

Eva's eyes met Liam's for a second and found him looking down at her with a small smile. As soon as her gaze met his, he cleared his throat in embarrassment and looked away.

For some reason it immediately made her laugh that she had to cover with a loud cough as well, bringing the eyes of everyone standing around to herself.

Hailey excitedly chatted with Rush and Liam before a couple of friends of hers came to come with them.

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