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I was living in a peaceful, lonely world of humans, until I found out that I was a mate to werewolves. I thought when the love comes, it will be sweet and kind and something of my own world. But Rush, and Liam bound me, possessed me, captivated me until there was no world beyond them. They waited for over eighty years for me to come into lives. And now that they have found me, they planned to share me. 

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"Hey.. Shhhh.." ,  Rush whispered to her on her lips. He trapped her lower lip in between his teeth and gave a tug. She whimpered and took a step back but her back collided with another strong body that was standing behind her. The strong musky scent of the male body filled her nose. Liam, who was standing behind her snaked his hands on her waist and pulled her flush against him from behind. Her body shivered from the contact. Suddenly she was trapped between two of the hottest males she had ever seen in her life. Rush grabbed both of her hands and pushed them behind her back. Liam took the clue and took the hold of her hands from Rush to hold them in between their bodies. "What are you doing?" She whimpered. Instead of answering her, Liam pushed his face in her neck from behind to inhale her scent and when he couldn't control himself anymore, he started dropping wet sweet kisses there. "How does she taste like?" Rush aske
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Eva entered the tall building while looking as fresh as a flower. She could not wait to start her work and then attend that business meeting that was going to be held on the seventy fourth floor of the building today.Yeah.. it was strange for a twenty three year old woman to feel all excited about just a business meeting but it was not just a business meeting for her. It was much much more than that.She knew if this meeting went successfully and she won that designing contract, she had huge chances to take her carrier to a new level.There were very less chances for a low profile interior designer like her to get an offer like this.But she knew it was all result of her hard work and dedication. Even her boss always commented about it and called her his lady luck.Sam, who was gay by the way, owned the company that she worked in. He was happily engaged to his partner Jake and was the best boss she could have ever asked for.She just chuckle
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Eva saw him taking a deep breath while clenching his eyes shut and when he opened them, he was a calm as the white colour of his office but his burning eyes were telling a different story.He greeted them and introduced himself as Liam Hemsworth. He gestured them to take a seat. After settling in their respective seats they started discussing about the interior that they needed to design."Are you sure Mr. Hemsworth that you want me to design that house?" Eva asked before Sam could start discussing about the financial terms. "I mean, I have not ever designed on a high level." She glanced beside her at Sam and when she received a nod indicating that she was doing the right thing, she continu
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She walked down on the sidewalk to her home slowly. Unknown strange thought of both brothers that she had met in the morning were popping inside her head.She was a simple person. No expectations, no demands, that was a rule of her life. But since she met those two, she could not help herself but express wonder at their male beauty. She has not seen anyone like them before. Sinisterly hot was the only word that could have described them.Her phone started ringing in her bag. She brought it out and was surprised to see that it was Sam calling. She was surprised because he had never called her outside her office hours nor had met.
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The second day, earlier at the office, Eva had a great morning while discussing and sending the approved blueprints of her work to the Woodlands Company through email. It was a great start. Later that afternoon she had received a big bouquet of calla lilies.She was hell shocked. No one sent anything to her ever. Her parents were dead and she had not have any relatives or friends.She was brought up in an orphanage since birth. She had worked her ass off to reach at the position that she was on right now.She thought this must be a misunderstanding. Someone must have sent those flowers mistakenly to her. But then she could not ignore the note that was attached to it and her name was written
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They followed them. In the bar they noticed that the man with Eva was gay and Sam's partner. They blew out a sigh in relief and threw five shots straight down their throat.Then they saw her dancing and laughing and enjoying herself. Though they hated the male attention that she was receiving but they needed to get her alone before telling her the truth instead of exposing themselves in jealousy. Though they loved the happiness on her face at that time. Dearly. Now they were here. Standing beside their car and watching her every move. They had decided to meet her at her home when she reaches there and then telling her.But then they saw her actions. Watched as her eyes closed shut and her hand unconsciously lifted up and started rubbing soft, whispering light ci
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Her eyes opened slowly to avoid the flashing sun light. It was too bright. When she finally was able to open them she looked around while her hand flew up to her forehead to ease the headache. And that is when she shot up from the bed and sat straight. This wasn not her home. The door opened and Liam walked in. Behind him was Rush with a plate of breakfast in his hands.Her eyes scrunched shut as the flashback of last night came in her head as a migraine. Just as they sat beside her on the bed, she flew away from the bed and tried to run out of the door but before she could even touch it, she was grabbed by her waist by Rush and no matter how much she struggled, his hold was like an i
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When finally Liam was out of the bathroom, she locked the door.Eva did the business and then started brushing her teeth while thinking about last night. She remembered clearly that she was drunk and aroused when both of them had grabbed her. And she also remembered very clearly that she was nearly dripping like a waterfall when they had touched her. And then she tried to think about the reason of her come suddenly and it did not take her much effort to come to the conclusion that it was an obvious reaction of her mind because of suddenly getting what she was dreaming of day and night. She was feeling aroused fro
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"What the fuck?" She gasped loudly as she staggered back a little in horror.Her eyes were just stuck on the scene in front of her. And in the next second, she saw that all the wolves had stopped moving all together.Their intimidating gaze landed on her. Scary and intruding. Digging holes through her soul.Her heart started thudding hard in fear.And then like a fantasy movie, their bodies started turning and snapping. Loud sound of bones cracking and breaking could be heard like a loud echo. Their shapes started changing and then suddenly they had turned into human.A boy with the looks of complete hottie and eight pack abs came close to her. He smiled while asking and flicking his gaze between Rush and Liam,"And who is this beautiful woman roaming in the land of wolves, boys?"His hand extended to touch Eva's arm with a soothing friendly look on his face but before he could touch her, Rush grabbed his hand."Do not touch her." Rush
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I woke up with a start. There were sudden, scary, multiple sounds of banging.Then I heard some quick shuffling and a couple of whispering noises.Who the hell was roaming inside my house at Six Thirty in the freaking morning?I grabbed the bedside lamp and shuffled towards the hall. I was scared to death but who the hell was here to help me except... well, me?I roamed my eyes around in every nook and corner of the hall room like a hawk. Eyes squinted, lips pursed, nose scrunched up in concentration and all. Full on police action mode.There was no one?But when the whispering noise came again, it did not come from inside the room. It was coming from the kitchen.I tiptoed towards the kitchen as quitely as my bare feet could walk on the slightly squeaky floor board.I managed to reach the kitchen. Then I bent forward to lean against the door and just as I was about to open and enter inside, I heard a person whisper shouting,"St
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