Just as the words left Aster's lips, all the color drained from Eva's face and left her looking as white as a ghost. 

In that moment she hoped like hell that whatever had come out of Aster's mouth was a lie. Whatever bullshit she had uttered was not true. 

In the past hour whatever had happened between her, Rush and Liam, she had gained everything in that. She had felt content and complete for just one second. One fucking second! It can not be snatched from her this soon.

Her questioning gaze went to Liam's face. She could not say anything. What was there to say? 

She just needed to see that one look on Liam's face that removed every worry from her mind. She just needed one fucking reason to get Aster out of her face. 

But Liam did not spare even a look in her direction. His gaze was stuck to Aster. 

It was not shock. His gaze held pure rage.

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