Slowly he started to lightly brush her still shuddering clit with his cock's head. With her clit receiving this erotic stimulation, her pussy started dripping her cum down on the ground.

He then slowly slid the crown of his thickness inside her hole, barely sliding in before pulling out swiftly. She was already dripping so much, and his teasing, constant strokes made her even more desperate.

"You love me, right?" James put his thumb on her asshole and pushed in slowly, while his cock teased her entrance mercilessly.

Both of her thighs were wet. He could clearly see how much she wanted him but he wanted to hear it from her and tease her.

She felt a burn as James slowly slid inside her, almost halfway, but then stopped. His hands trembled on her hips, but he did not go any further, hearing a whimper slip past her lips.

"You want me, don't you?"

He pressed his lips in to her shoulder and one of his hands moved down to her clit and started to ru

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