When I Adored You (Bad Desires #1)

When I Adored You (Bad Desires #1)

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Since their childhood James Sullivan enjoyed making Kara intimidated. He relished her fear every time she saw him coming. Every time she stepped inside his house to play with his younger brother, he was there to hide her inside his room until he is the only one left on her mind when she finally leaves. But when James has a choice to make between Kara and his ego- he makes the wrong one, and with that Kara is left with a completely broken heart. So she leaves- never to return to him ever again. James had thought that after a small tantrum, she will return on her own to him, just like she always did. He had never even imagined of losing her in his whole life. The wait for day turned to three years and now when Kara is back, James, her 'former' love, has now become the CEO of two major holdings. In the midst of James' obsessive desire to win his childhood love back at all costs, and Kara's doting, deeply loving fiancee's intense desire, who will win her heart and who will lose? --- Old Title: Red Bully

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78 Chapters
●O N E●
Kara stepped inside the treacherous home again. It was her twentieth birthday today.She took silent, cautionary steps like she was trying to not trip over live wires.She passed the hall and hurried to run across to reach Damon's room.Just a few more steps and she was going to reach the door. But before her fingers could even touch the handle, a hand came from behind her to cover her mouth and other one draped over her waist to drag her backwards."Do not make a sound." The commanding voice had her halt all her struggles. She did not need to hear another word to guess who it was.The hand on her waist turned her around without removing his hold. He walked both of them forward until they were inside his room. And then only he removed his hand from over her mouth.Kara turned back around to face the only person that she was craving to see, but then he was also the one that she wanted to run away from. He aroused feelings in her that she was
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●T W O●
"I want to go." Kara stated. Well, more like requested."Stay here for a while with me. Ditch Damon. I will take you wherever you want to go later." James insisted.Kara pursed her lips in frustration. Why does he even care for what she does or where she is going? He always finds the reasons to throw her away from him in front of everybody else, but comes out to torment her when she is alone.James furrowed his eyebrows as she did not answer to him. Was she trying to hide something?"Kara, Speak up." James commanded."You will ditch me if I did not go with Damon. I know it." Kara mumbled in an almost inaudible tone."I will not. I promise." James replied gently.Kara's eyes lifted up to meet his. She wished he was not lying this time. Today was special to her and she did not want it to get ruined.It was Five Thirty am in the winter's cold. Everyone else was sleeping. If she stayed with James then they could spend some time bef
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●T H R E E●
Kara woke up from the sounds of birds chirping outside. Sun shone right into her eyes, making her feel irritated from its direct impact.Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes clumsily she sat up straight, feeling the back of the couch against her elbow.But the coldness hit her like a prickling needle. The chill was in the air, but the warmth that she was missing had come from someone whom she really wanted to wake up with.Sadly, he was already gone.Her eyes landed on the wall clock which showed two pm in the afternoon. She had not even realized that she had slept so much.Her eyes searched for James, praying that he was still here but her heart knew that he was not. It was a strange feeling. But oddly, her heart thudded like a jackhammer inside her chest whenever he was near. She did not know if it was psychological or a tie of her soul to James's, but she always knew when he was nearby her.Finding the room completely empty, she stood u
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●F O U R●
She quickly climbed down the stairs and found the whole family sitting by the lunch table, as she had expected.It was a routine for as long as she could remember. The breakfast and lunch or breakfast and dinner was a family union time for Sullivan family. If they were in the city, they had to schedule their meetings keeping the food arrangement in mind.James on the other hand, ran by his own rules."Ah, my darling girl is here." Mrs. Rita, James and Damon's mom greeted me with the sweetest smile as soon as she saw me.Smiling openly at her greeting, Kara subconsciously pulled down her sleeves."Hey, Rita." She smiled at her and then around the table at everyone.Mrs, Laura, James's granny patted the seat right beside her with a gentle grin, offering her the place to sit."How are you doing my darling girl?" Mrs. Laura smiled while picking some red pasta and serving her with a glass of juice."I am fine." Kara thanked Laura gr
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She had waited the whole day for James but he had once again proved her right but not appearing. He always did that. He gave her hope and then snatched it again. It was kind of his thing. She did not know what pleasure it gave him to break her trust again and again but it hurt like a bitch every time he did that and she fell for his talks over and over again. Kara knocked on the door of Damon's room. She was feeling a bit scared because if by some miracle James came home and did not find her here, he is going to lose his shit. His anger scared her the most. But this time her fear from his anger got overpowered but by her own fury for betrayal towards her. The day had already passed. There was no way in hell he was going to get to ruin her birthday.Damon's door flipped open, showing a six feet high man with blue eyes standing in front of her with nothing on his body except for boxers and a loose tank."Put some God damn clothes on!" She growled while pushing
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She heard Damon give a loud curse right before a snap sounded behind them. "What the hell?!" Damon cursed, stepping in front of Kara as he looked around the jungle, searching for the threat, "Have you seen anyone else come here, Kara.""I told you to wait for me, didn't I?" Kara flipped around as James voice rung around the empty jungle from behind her.She found him standing with his arms crossed over his chest, his jaw clenched tightly as his glare pinned Kara in her spot in shock while her heart thudded hard in fear. His anger was as apparent as a bright, shining day. "What are you doing here?!" Damon exclaimed, staring at James in shock."None of your god damn business!" James did not spare a glance in Damon's direction. His eyes glaring at Kara, "Get out of here." James snapped at Damon."Why should I?" Damon asked arrogantly, "You get out of here. No one invited you anyway.""Actually," James' gaze swung
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James' anger was out of his control. He tried to keep it down but the things that were roaming inside his head were vengeful and disgusting. All he wanted in those moments was the assurance that Kara was understanding why he was so angry, that she knew what she had done wrong.He had gotten busy with work. But at the same time he wanted to make this birthday special for Kara since this was going to be the last time he is at home for her birthday.He dragged her inside the dusty church, brought her forward harshly before letting her wrist go. 
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There are times in a person's life when they feel the most happy. This was the moment that Kara had been waiting for her whole life. Since the moment she had come to know what attraction meant, what interest and desire and love meant, there had been just one person, one man in front of her eyes and that had always been James. She never thought that she would ever want someone as she wanted James. She never dated anyone, never tried to even attempt getting into a relationship because she always knew to whom she belonged. There had never been any doubt in her head.  And as James lips moved over hers, his lips sliding against her soft ones, his fingers slipping from her waist to her breasts, squeezing the softness and then pressing the mounds, earning a low moan from her mouth right before her hands slipped into the back of his head, caressing and pulling at his unruly hair, this was the end for her. The feeling was like e
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 There were times when James felt insecure seeing Kara with anyone else than him. Sharing her was never he enjoyed, be it was with her girl friends or with her family. He wanted her to be with him all the time, need him like he needed her, the desperate need he felt was unquenchable and he wanted her to feel the same. Kara showed that she wanted him, but he always wondered if she craved him just as desperately as he craved her?James mouth had started to descend down on Kara's when Kara's phone started ringing loudly. James' face dropped in Kara's throat in exasperation as a small giggle left her lips.
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3 Years laterKara climbed out of the car while adjusting the dress she was wearing. Everything was the same as when she had left the place. Just as pretty as it was back then. The peach petals greeted her way when she slowly lifted her gaze to stare at the empty, hollow house. It did not look like home anymore. Even though it looked just the same as it did three years ago, the warmth that she had in her heart for this place had melted away.
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