Something About You
Something About You
Author: Nathan Frost


Maybe it had been the drugs, or even it had been the alcohol, however no matter it absolutely was driven me to try and do one thing I did not assume I would do in a thousand years. Although, sitting within the tree house wasn't the most effective way to relax if you question me, these days I found some comfort in it. I could not help but smile once I realize Mother would ne'er notice me here. She forever wants me to try and do one thing for her. She's forever too weak to travel to the shop herself, too weak to mow the field, too weak to try and does something however sit around, drink, and watch her ridiculous soap operas. I did not even know how she was paying to stay everything running round the house. I suppose the kid support cash may have something to do with that; however it extremely did not concern me.

I place out my smoke and checked out what was happening around me. John Chris Galza, the neighbour boy who I did not adore however paid so he'd mow the field, sat on his porch, smoking a cigarette. I heard his parents were out of city for the week, which is why I did not question why he wasn't hiding his smoke. JC and that i were both solely youngsters, aside from that and also the whole smoking factor, we did not have plenty in common.

I looked around; nothing else was extremely happening these days. Saturdays were continually dead within the neighbourhood. JC, Yamyam Carson, and i were the sole youngsters left within the neighbourhood. There had been additional, like Fumiya Thompson, however that they had moved out, gone off to university, or been sent to boot camp or one thing else equally stupid.

Fumiya Thompson and I had gone out for a bit while, then his mother came home one day and saw that we were having sex then next thing I knew Fumiya's house was up for purchase and he is telling me that he is moving to some village in Texas.

I guess I had been staring down at the road through my window seat within the tree house too long, since JC was staring back at Pine Tree State currently. He smiled and nodded his head towards me, like boys do. I gave him an acknowledging smile and targeted my eyes on my shoes. I glanced at the bottle of alcohol next to me and shook my head. I did not extremely desire drinking from now on I did not wish to cope with a hangover from it. I knew I would need to pay for the smoke I had simply smoked afterward - my head could not forever handle the occasional cigarettes I smoked caused me to induce a headache typically after smoking one, however at the time it felt sensible.

But yeah, perhaps it had been the drugs or the alcohol but no matter it absolutely was influenced what I did next. Therefore the guy living in Fumiya's previous house, I ne'er really saw him, I knew he was about my age, sixteen, or he have been are seventeen. I wasn't certain, since like I mentioned before I never extremely took the time to urge to know him, I saw him twice daily. Once within the mornings when he'd come back and obtain the paper from his driveway, it absolutely was it had been a school day and that I would get on the porch either simply sitting there thinking or sneaking at the occasional smoke, and typically I would see him get in his car and he'd go and disappear for hours. I ne'er extremely took a glance at him ‘til now. I saw him walking out of his house and that I extremely took a glance at him. He wasn't bad looking at all.

He had shaggy strawberry blonde hair, his bangs stopping right on top of his eyes, covering his eyebrows and one facet seemed like it had been long and it all was pushed to the facet thus he might truly see. He wore a pair of saggy pants and had on a black shirt with a jacket on over it, and a pair of black shoes. He was rather skinny and looked well-built despite his saggy pants and jacket that hid his body thus well. He looked nice. I smiled and next thing I knew, I used to be deciding that I was finished sitting there simply watching him and climbing down from my tree house and walking across the road to speak to him.

"Hey," I said, looking as he was bent over at his car, checking one thing underneath the hood.

He looked up and blinked. I smiled pleasantly.

"Hey?" he said a glance of confusion on his face.

He checked out my extended hand and aforesaid, shaking my hand, "Andrè Stone." He stopped shaking my hand and simply held it in his and that i simply looked from him to my hand and he let go. "Sorry," he said, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

"I'm not attempting to be rude, however why are you speaking to me?" Andrè aforesaid, as he looked down at me. He was a head taller than me though.

"The real question is why I haven’t talked to you before," I replied, looking him up and down, and then glancing at his car. "So," I said, "Where do you move to school? do you move to my school?"

"I've lived here for a year," he said, ignoring my queries, "I'm not all that new to the place, and i have seen you around. Why not talk over with me till now?"

I shrugged and checked out him. "I do not know," I said, "Maybe the actual fact that you just moved in into Fumiya's previous house had one thing to do with it. I believe his mother moved since she walked in on me and him and did not wish that to ever happen once more."

Andrè simply checked out me, and shook his head. "Who's Fumiya?"

"He was my lover, till that happened, then we weren't allowed to check one another any longer, because his mother determined she despised me... because of that," I explained carelessly, I did not care if he knew or not. He asked thus i might further answer him honestly.

Andrè nodded and aforesaid, "Uh, yeah, alright."

I watched as he checked out me. I appeared like crap, I knew I had to, my dirty blonde hair was a mess, I was high, perhaps a bit drunk too, and that i was in a combine of slightly saggy jeans, a green shirt that had some weird grade school baseball team on that, and a pair of flip-flops of all things. My eyeliner and makeup was most likely smirched and messed up. Andrè smiled.

"Where do you go all the time?" I asked, I did not mean to, the words simply fell out of my mouth.

Andrè laughed. "Well clearly i do not like this neighbourhood that is why I am continually gone. I am not into smoking, like that guy over there with the smoke," he said, creating a small head movement toward JC, "Or the alcohol."

I felt myself blush and that i looked down. "Oh," I said, "Well, what if I ended doing that stuff?"

"I'm not telling you've got to change-" he started.

"Will you take me with you?" I asked, cutting him off.

He blinked once more, like he had after I first walked up to him and aforesaid hey. "Why would you wish to come with me?" he asked.

I shrugged and aforesaid, "I do not know. Perhaps i like you?"

Again I did not mean to mention that, I did not wish him to listen to that. I did not understand if I likeable him or not. I place my hands over my mouth and spinned to run away. Once I felt his hand on my shoulder, he turned me around and aforesaid, "Where do you wish to go?"

"Away," I said, "Anywhere faraway from here."

As Andrè drove me down the main road, I watched as the cars glided by, going the opposite direction. I was coming back down from my high, now. Things were way clearer, and also the things that had been exchanged between Andrè and I confused me tons now that I wasn't high

I couldn't assume that I had been able to even talk over with him. I did not think I liked him, but then again, perhaps I did. Why would the words even been spilling from my mouth if I did not like him?

Andrè was staring at me; I may feel his eyes on me. "What is it?" I asked, looking over at him. He simply shrugged and went back to look on the road. He was sort of confusing. He had asked me things in one day of knowing me that nobody else had ever asked me. Once I talked to somebody, high or not, I ne'er extremely had been asked why i used to be talking to him or her.

He had treated me sort of a person, one thing I hadn't been treated like in a very long time. My mother treated me sort of a servant, JC acted as if he owned me; he was perpetually calling me obscene names once I would not make love with him. He liked me, and he was lucky that I even talked to him. Let alone got any drugs for him.

Now before you burst off and judge that i am a druggie, let me tell you one thing, I solely do pot and smoke a cigarette here and there, principally had one before school or after school depending on what went thereon day, however currently it absolutely was summer. Although I sound as if I perpetually do drugs I seldom ever do them. As for the drinking, within the tree house before getting to Andrè's had been the only time I would ever had something with alcohol in it. My mother was the results of alcoholism, I did not wish to land up like her, however this morning was extremely frustrating. I cannot even bear in mind why I would been so upset and annoyed currently, however at the time I simply needed something to take my mind off it.

Mostly once I got the pot, I solely took a bit, most of it had been for JC, I hate mowing the field thus we're at an agreement I purchase him drugs and he mows it on behalf of me. I do know that is pretty stupid trade however I did not care once we came to the current agreement, all I knew was that I did not wish to mow the field and that I knew I might get him pot a minimum of once in a very while. I had a friend who knew somebody who I purchase it from, I do know I sound sort of a pretty messed up child, and perhaps I’m, or maybe I am simply being melodramatic because I prefer taking part in that emotional rocker role so, so much.

Andrè was watching me once more, i could not help but smile, and he was without a doubt the nicest boy I would ever meet. Sure, I did not recognize him very well, and we'd barely talked at all, however the other guy would haven't have simply driven me 'away' and not tried to have sex with me or something like that.

I mightn't wait till I could call and tell Tori regarding all of this. Tori Garcia was my best friend. She had been my best friend since the fourth grade, and we'd been there for each other through thick and thin in middle school and also the initial two years of high school. Currently preparing to go into our junior year, and that we were still as tight knit as we continually had been.

"So, wherever do you wish to go?" Andrè aforesaid, as he drove down the main road.

"Wherever you always go after you just stand up and leave," I said, quietly.

He nodded and on we drove

I found us at the pier, looking over the Atlantic Ocean many hours later. Middletown, New Jersey wasn't as far away from the coastline as I had thought it to be. Andrè sat sipping on his Coke that he had gotten at the last place we'd stopped by before walking out on to the pier.

The sun was setting and that i was looking intently. I held my drinking water that Andrè had bought me at the same time he'd gotten his Coke. I had told him he did not have to try and do that however he insisted on obtaining it on behalf of me. I’d need to ensure to repay him later.

"Do you wish to travel back yet?" he asked, quietly.

I shook my head and aforementioned, "Can we stay here for a bit longer, please?"

Andrè did not answer me therefore I looked over my shoulder to find him getting out his mobile phone. He pushed a couple of buttons and held up his finger, indicating to provide him a moment, I nodded and turned back to look at the sunset. I hadn't seen the sunset for an extended time; I used to be forever too busy attempting to remain out of the house while at the same time attempting to take care of my mother.

"Yeah," Andrè aforementioned, "We will stay for as long as you would like."

"What was up with the entire phone thing?" I asked, "I'm simply curious."

"I called my mommy to inform her wherever I was and when I would be back," Andrè aforementioned, leaning against the railing next to me.

"I told her I wasn't certain and that i would be back once my friend said they needed to travel back home," Andrè answered.

I did not get this boy. He extremely cared letting belongings his mother apprehend wherever he was; he was extremely a caring person. Why had it taken me a year to even really check out him?

"Your mother extremely loves you, huh?" I aforementioned, quietly.

He nodded and checked out me a bit confusion written in his eyes. "Doesn't yours?"

I shrugged and said, "I would not know, she's forever drunk or vomiting, or within the middle of getting 'the worse hangover in her life' to essentially even talk over with me."

Andrè quietly aforementioned, "Ohh." I nodded.

We were sitting in his car, preparing to drive back to Middletown, after I leaned over and said, "Can we have a tendency to come back here tomorrow too?" Andrè looked at me, and that I added, "Please?"

"I do not know," he said, "You really need to?"

I nodded and aforementioned, "You're the best thing to happen to me in an exceedingly long time." I did not mean to sound so needy, therefore hooked up however I could not help it. He made me feel special, he made me feel safe, and that I did not perceive what he was doing to me. I did not perceive of these feelings I used to be feeling for him. I might ne'er felt like this for any guy before, not even after I was dating Fumiya or any of these other guys. I did not wish to feel like this, not for this guy I did not even extremely apprehend at all.

Andrè blinked at me once more, that very same blink I've realized he blinks once he is confused regarding one thing, or so shocked that he does not know what tell. I sighed and sit back in my seat and take a look at to figure out if I ought to say something at all or simply let the silence take over. "Okay, we'll leave tomorrow morning, and stay later," he finally aforementioned.

I smile, pleased with his answer, and that I do not know what comes over me however next thing I do know I am kissing him. He pushes me off and looks at me like I am crazy, and that I sit back in my seat once more and look down at my shoes. "Sorry," I mumble, "I did not mean to-I do not know what came visiting me."

"It's okay," he says, "But let's simply...take some time, okay? Let's get to understand one another and all that stuff, alright?"

I nodded and say okay, prepared for this conversation to alter the topics.


I did not get her. I did not get her at all. Lou Riley I knew precisely who she was. She was the love of my life. i might had the biggest crush on her since I moved in, a year ago. I did not perceive why she was sitting in my car with me, at the coastline that I visited every day. I did not perceive why she had tried to kiss me, I did not perceive why I pushed her away either. Perhaps it had been because I did not wish to lose whatever we had happening between us.

She had ne'er noticed before, or so i believed. I saw her each day; I did not apprehend if she saw me or if she was forever too high, however apparently she wasn't forever high. Although the primary time she had talked to me I knew she had been in her tree house smoking a joint. I might see her up in that tree house a lot. I ne'er understood why she went up there; I mean she was about sixteen wasn't she? Why would a sixteen-year-old teen hang out within the tree house when they can be out with their friends?

Through the few things we tend to had talked regarding today, I noticed she looked like a really angry juvenile, with heaps of anxiety whirling in her mind. She appeared to be rather bitter once she had spoken of her mother. I did not perceive her, or why I used to be smitten along with her. She wasn't a really nice person, however I suppose everyone's got his or her good and bad sides. She simply had additional bad aspect than good aspect. She'd ne'er been mean to me; however she extremely hadn't been that nice to me either. I looked over at her and decided that if she needed to spend time with me that was fine, however I wasn't planning to let our friendly relationship or relationship or whatever we had, be all about her reaching to kiss me and hold my hand and tell me false "I love you's" like each other young woman aforementioned to their boyfriends.

The drive home was quiet, Lou wasn't terribly talkative, I had nothing to mention, and that I did not have any CD's to pop into the CD player and that i did not just like the radio.

I glanced over at Lou as we tend to turned into our neighbourhood found out that she was asleep. I smiled; she was terribly pretty once she was asleep. I despised to have to wake her up, however I could not specifically carry into her house, and my mother would create an excessive amount of a fuss regarding me bringing home a lady. One thing I hadn't done since we moved here.

I tapped her on the shoulder and aforementioned her name quietly.

Her eyes fluttered open and she checked out me, bit of little bit of confusion stirring in her eyes. "Where are we?" she asked, lifting her head from its resting spot on the window.

"Home," I answered, unbuckling from my seat. I watch as she rubs her eyes, attempting to get up.

"Okay," she finally says, "I'll see you tomorrow morning then." She opens her door and starts to urge out and so sits back down. "Thanks," she says, giving a little smile. "Thank you pretty much."

She gets out of the car and closes the door; I follow her lead and get out of the car too. I plan to walk her to her front entrance.

"Hey! Wait up!" I say, running over to her, she's already half way into the road. She stops and that I run up to her and that we continue walking to her house.

I smile once more as we tend to reach her porch. "I'll see you tomorrow morning," she says, hugging me. "Good night.”

"Good night," I say, returning her hug.

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A good start to the book but the grammar and overuse of the word 'extremely' just hinders with the reading experience.
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Mel Dixon
Good start!

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