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Third Person's Point of View

What will you do if the person you love suddenly get tired of you? Will you let him free? What will you do if he hurt you over and over again but he keeps on coming back to you and you keep on accepting him again?

Then time passed by, he does the same thing again, he hurt you again but the only difference is, he didn't come back again. What will you do if you found out that the reason is because of your doppelganger?

Because of the person that has the same copy of your face? What will you do if you found out that this world you belong to is just a fantasy? Just a replica of another world?

What will you do if you can see the past and the future as well? What if you found out that something in the past needs to be fixed and if it won't be fixed someone will die? Will you change and fix the past to make someone live even if the only condition to do that is to hurt and forget the one you love?

There's really a thing that you should leave behind because of many reasons. That even it's so painful for us, you will still stay away from them for their own safety. But in the end, you'll come back.

'Cause not all things will stay and remains the same, sometimes you should get rid of it for space, 'cause we knew that it hurts too much, that we can't handle it and nearly kills us.

So if someone left you behind. It doesn't mean that they don't care about you or you are not important to them. 'Cause you know? If that person doesn't have a deep reason why he or she left. Two things can be the answers.

It may be what you think right now.

Or maybe he just sacrificed for you.

That person who left you sacrificed because they don't want to be hurt and that they can't handle the pain anymore.

Sometimes, even how much that person loves you. He or she will still choose to slip through your hands. He or she will still choose to give up or to break up with you 'cause he or she has valid and reasonable reasons even it badly hurt them,

I wrote this story for you ( Readers/ My Pitchers ) to inform and to tell you "What True Love Is?"

Think about it. Do the right decision even it hurts. Always remember that sometimes we do wrong things, for the right reasons.

Alexia's Point of View.

" Alexia, where will we go? "

Arice asked me. ( Pronounce as Aris. )

" In the same place. "

I sarcastically said with an attractive look.

" What do you mean? "

Aeroll asked me while smiling. ( Pronounce as Eyrol. ) I'm still walking while looking at these two-person beside me.

" Heyy! Don't-- I know that look, Alexia! "

Arice said.

" Here we go again! "

Aeroll said.

" It's showtime! "


Alexia's Point of View

We're surrounded by a bunch of guys. On the side, back and in our front.

" Boss! I counted them! They are ten! "

Aeroll said while we're leaning behind each other and while turning 'cause we are surrounded by bad guys!

" Did you counted that six-person that still coming? "

Arice asked Aeroll.

" Ohh! Sorry! My bad, They are sixteen. Is this the men of-- "

I didn't let her finish what she will say.

" Yes, they are! But do they forget who we are? "

I proudly said to the two. We rush to them while saying.

" WE ARE... "

"... THE TRIPLE A!!! "

Alexia's Point of View

" Nice outfit huh? "

Aeroll insulted me. I'm wearing dark suit jackets with matching vests and pants, a black band fedora hat, and a contrasting tie.

" You looks like a gangst--- "

I stared at Arice. I know what she will say.

" Nevermind. "

Arice said. These two have really a mental disorder. HAHA.

I sat on the bench then they follow me.

" Anyway guys, does someone get hurt yesterday? "

I asked them.

" Nope/ Nahh! "

They simply answered.

" Good! "

By the way. I'm Neil Alexia Maria De Vera. I'm eighteen years old, a beautiful maiden with an unorganized broken family and sometimes yes! They call me a gangster.

The two people I'm with?

That's Yna Arice Mandilla. She likes music, chocolates and she loves to sing. I didn't pertain to singing. Just saying!

The girl beside Arice is Aeroll Ronice Blair Zhao, she is one of the smartest girls in the campus. But of course, I'm the smartest. Lol! You should be careful with her, especially if you are a guy because she is a man-hater since she became a member of the Triple A.

Arice's Point of View

" This is real, this is me. I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now and I'm gonna let the light shine on me..."

I suddenly stared at the ground while singing this song. Then I suddenly stared at Alexia. Alexia is the reason why I'm here today with them and she's the real reason why I'm in a good situation and on this right path.


I'm walking in the pathway. There's almost nobody here. I'm a third year high school student. Then suddenly someone pushed me so hard and it caused me to fall on the floor.


That's the different voices but the same tone that I've read while I'm still looking down.

" Oppss... Sorry! HAHAHA "

They sarcastically said. I stand up and immediately wiped my dirty skirt.

" You've blocked our way. You deserved that! "

" That really should have happened to you! "

" You're so ugly! "

" Look at yourself bitch! You're not beautiful! Who do you think are you? "

" Nerd! "


That's the words I've heard but I've ignored them instead. I grab my bag immediately. I don't want to talk back. I want peace! I will just resist being silent and all the painful words rather than to be the cause of my trouble. I will just resist this again even they always do this to me. Then I turned away.

" Hey! I'm still talking to you! "

The girl grabbed me and she pointed her finger to my face.

" Don't you ever turned around when I'm still talking to you!! "

He grabbed my blouse which is a sign that she will slap me. Until...

Someone shouted.


The girl shouted at them.

" What do you mean? This? "

The girl will forcibly slap me but the girl who shouted rapidly grabbed her hands and she turned her hands down that causes her to shout of pain. The other boys and girls attempted to rush towards that girl who's helping me. But...

They fear her.

" GO AHEAD! Try to go near us or I will make your hands like a rope!! "

They got scared about this girl's threat.

" Try to hurt her again or even to go near her again. I will make sure that your every life will be as miserable as hell! "

They were consumed with fear and kept quiet.

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