Old Friend

Nathan's Point of View

When the elevator opened, she immediately gets off it and walks away. She left me hanging, asking myself, confused, wondering. She's mad at me, and I didn't know why I said or what I did? I don't know why she's that mad at me? Why does it seem that I've done a great mistake to her? Why I felt so different? Is she the answer to all of my questions in life?

 I go home immediately after that. It's been years since I'm all alone. It's been years since no one search for me, saying that I'm there son, family, or even husband. It's been also three years since the girl in the hospital fooled me. She said that she is my wife and we have a son. I believed her and I've been with that family for almost days. But the truth is, they weren't my family, or even they have any relationship to me. They're just strangers. Good thing, someone helps me. Mark, a good friend of mine, help me. I don't know what exactly happened t

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