Love Bet

Arice Point of View

" Try to hurt her again or even to go near her again. I will make sure that your every life will be as miserable as hell! "

They were consumed with fear and kept quiet.


The girl who helped me shouted.

" Yes! / Okay! / We understand Alexia! "

They forcefully answered at the same time. Then she let go of the girl's hand and they rapidly run. The girl who helped me walk close to me. I think her name was Alexia?

" Are you alright girl? "

She asked me.

" I'm okay! Thanks! "

I stooped and was embarrassed to answer. She helps me to grab my things on the floor.

" I'm Alexia! "

She said.

" My name is Arice! "

I shyly answered.

" Does they often do that to you? "

She asked but I didn't answer it.

" You know? Don't let people do things like that to you. Don't let them hurt you. Fight if necessary. You must defend yourself for you to avoid the pain. "

Then she left and walk in my opposite direction while saying...

" Learn to fight when you have the right reasons. Fight back until you have a chance to correct what's wrong. "


She is the reason for all my fights and my changes. She thought me how to protect myself and help someone too.

She let me realized that I'm not forever alone. She thought me to realize that not every day you have a savior and that you must not give up on the challenges. Don't let it take over you! You, yourself, is the one who must help yourself first.

Because there is a difference between problems and challenges.

" Hey, Arice! "

I consciously look to Alexia.

" Let's go! "

She stated.

" Are you coming or what? Let's go! "

Aeroll asked.

Alexia leans on our shoulders.

" Where do both of you want to roam? "

Alexia asked.

" Baguio!/ Tagaytay! "

Aeroll and I answered at once. Then we glanced at each other badly.

" Oh! Wait! HAHA! Hold on! You'll argue again. Let's roam both of those places, shall we? "

Aeroll's Point of View

" Oh! Wait! HAHA! Hold on! You'll argue again. Let's roam both of those places, shall we? "

Alexia stopped us.

" What do you mean boss? "

I asked her.

" We will roam both of those places! "

She mentioned again.

" Are you kidding me? "

Arice said.

" Yep! Just leave it to me guys! "

We went to Alexia's house, as usual, to get her red car. Her red 1958 Plymouth Fury made by Stephen King. I know! Cool car, right? The best car of the year. We usually used this when we're roaming.

We start the engine. Then we talk to each other while driving.

" How's your love life Arice? I figured that you have STALKER? Is that's true? "

And she really emphasized the word "stalker" huh? I think Alexia will piss her off again! HAHA!

" Stalker? So what? Tss! Let them stop and stare. "

Arice waved her hair like she is the most beautiful girl on the planet. We just laughed.

" You're so choosy Arice! Grab them immediately. It's an opportunity! "

Of course, I'm pissing her off too! HAHA

" Really Aeroll? Coming from you? If it's not because of Alexia maybe your life is miserable now, remember?"

- Arice.


I saw my boyfriend talking to the other girls and boys.

" Jake? "

I go near him.

" Who are those persons? "

I asked him.

" Them? Oh! Nothing! Just my friends. Let's go? "

Jake said.


My nerd classmate called me.

" What Arice The Nerd? I don't have any time for you? We're running of time!"

I sarcastically said.

" Don't go with him! He's just making you fool! "

The nerd said.

" Really? HAHA! Okay! "

I sarcastically answered her.

" I'm saying the truth! I heard them-- "

I didn't let her finish her words. She's wasting my time.

"Oh Please, Nerd! Why-- ahm. Nevermind! Why I'm even talking to you anyway? "

Then we left.

While we are riding off somewhere, Jake mentioned something.

" I forgot something in my apartment. Let's go back! "

( 1950s Apartment is like a condominium in today's world. )

I just nodded and he immediately turned the wheels even I don't know what thing he has been forgotten.

We arrived at his big apartment.

" Just come in! I'm just going to get something. "

Jake said. He entered into his apartment then I followed him.

My eyebrows met, asking myself why it's so dark in here. Then I heard someone closes the door. I jumped back and covered my mouth that caused me to face the door.

Fuck! Why there's a lot of boys here?!

" Oh no! This ain't good! "

I muttered to myself.

Shit! Maybe Arice was right.

" Hi, my dear Ronice! "

A guy in front of them greets me.


I'm surrounded by them. Then I call Jake while trembling.

" Oh? You're pertaining to Jake? "

He asked and then suddenly look at his left side where Jake standing.

" Jake is really not serious about you my dear. We just bet you! "

The guy beside him said.

" Jake? Is this true? ANSWER MEE!! "

They hold my hands while Jake let me take a look into the money.

" Thanks to you, baby! "

He said while softly touching my face like he wanted to kiss me.

But I escaped from their hands and slapped him.

" You're brave now huh? That's what I want. Fighting! Fearless! "

He holds me and pushed me on the bed, then five-man is holding me while Jake is taking off his T-shirt.

I'm only wearing a skirt and he started to kiss my feet.

" JAKEE!! "

He kissed it through my legs.


Until it reaches through something.

I've shouted while my tears are flowing until we heard someone who opened the door.

" What's that? You didn't lock the door? Lock it! "

The other guy goes to the door to check it out.


" What's that? Heyy you two? Check it! "

Then the two check it out.


Jake stands up and then they let me go when I stand up too.

Jake switch the lights on and he has seen no ones there but I saw something moved. But all of them are confused and wondering. Jake turned around and at the same time, someone switched the lights off again but Jake rapidly switched it on.

" Arice? "

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This story is great. I recommend this to all

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