Love in Bullet

Arice's Point of View

I'm now in the park alone while thinking about what happened and while talking to myself. It is the year 1958 but still, we're experiencing shits like this. It's been almost 'I can't count years'.

" The bullet that Alexia catches was so painful! "

" You're right! "


" It is because she saved me! "

" Yeah! That's true! Even though she knew that it's dangerous, she still saved you! "


" Yeah! Even thou-- "

Wait a minute! I stop talking and then I take a look who's this shit, talking at my back.

I glanced and hit the shoulder of this whoever person that's interrupting my intrapersonal conversation.

" OUCCHH!! "

He shouted.

" JC! You're so annoying! Have you've been there for a long time?"

I asked him. He didn't know that we are gangsters or mafias. And also, he didn't know that we are the Triple A. When Al Capone died in 1947, the Triple A gang is starting to rise and become the most dangerous mafia of all time. No one knows about us. Because if they found out that we are the Triple A, they will kill us. Yes, somehow, we break the laws but that is for our own good. We really are government allies, but they treat us like we are villains. That's why there's no other choice rather than to hide.

We are really not bad guys, we just killed the other bad guys, is that count as bad? You choose!

They didn't know that we are the Triple A. All they know is, Alexia has been shotted accidentally.

" Before I answer that, I want to say something. Fuck! Your hands are so heavy! "

JC said while he's massaging his shoulder. I just chuckled.

" HAHAHHA! It's you're fault! You're interrupting me! What are you doing here? "

I asked.

" I just noticed that you are being nuts talking to yourself, so thanks to me I saved you! "

What the? He's crazy! HAHAH. I hit him again.

" Oucchh! It felts like you're hitting me a million times! "

He said.

" HAHAH! Just tell me what are you doing here? "

I asked again.

" It's about Aeroll. "

Of course, it's about her again!

" She didn't talk to me since I've got here! "

He pouted and explained like a child.

" Really? Is that it? "

I said then I turn around him.

" You know that Aeroll is a manhater right? And Aeroll doesn't want noisy people. She wants a serious man who can say what he felts like... "

I explained.

" ...That's what girls want! "

I added.

" But not all girls are like that! "

I look at where that serious voice came from. I saw him looking up the sky and that's not JC.

" Sometimes, they were intentionally making themselves blind, they didn't realize that in life, even how hard or complicated you've experienced, there still someone that will help you to get over and move on. But the worst about it is that they didn't open their eyes as well as their heart, they didn't see that... "

He seriously explained. You will really notice the seriousness of his voice and where that voice within him came from.

"... That he's already there... "

He added and then he looked at me.

" ... right beside her. "

JC's Point of View

Those two are so sweet!! HAHAHA. Maybe Arice thought that she's still talking to me.

Oh, men! I will be dead when she figured that I left her. But duh! She hit me two times, that's why I left her. It's not my fault!

And another thing why I left her is because I want Clark to go near her. Clark is really such a sheepish! *Sigh*

Anyway, Hi! I'm James Carl Masigan. Arice and Alexia are my batch mates, and even that serious guy that talking to Arice, Clark, and of course, the gorgeous maiden that I ever met, Aeroll Ronice Blair Zhao.

" Your eyes are shining again! "

Arice shouted at me, I didn't notice that she's already right beside me.

" Why you left me there?! "

She asked while Clark is holding his pants' pocket.

" HEEYY! "

She shouted again while hitting my shoulder again.

" OUCHHH!! You're doing it too much! It hurts! "

I stand up. She attempted to hit me again but heavy rain falls. Arice and I ran while she's opening her umbrella. I noticed Clark at our back, walking seriously again. Well, he opened his umbrella so fast huh?

" ARICEE! Let me come under your umbrella!! "

Arice Point of View

" ARICEE! Let me come under your umbrella!! "

JC shouted at me.

" I'm gonna hold it! Give it to me. "

JC said.

" No! I'm gonna hold it. "

I said. I suddenly take a glimpse of my back and I saw that Clark was following us. JC forcedly take the umbrella to me.


I shouted while I'm taking back my umbrella.

" I'm already wet because of the rain. Give me that! "

I yelled at him again. JC is really my enemy. He is so annoying all the time!

That someone at our back talks randomly. Does he still pertain to the umbrella?

" Just don't try to fit yourself to the things that don't have any space for you. "

Clark Point of View

" Just don't try to fit yourself to the things that don't have any space for you. "

After I said that, Arice keeps quiet. Then she didn't mind me after I said that.

I really don't know why she always avoiding me. What more she wanted me to do? I always show her that I'm sincere about my feelings to her. What more should I do just for her to see that?

JC attempted to talk when Aeroll went near us.

" Will you pick up Xander in his school? "

Aeroll asked Arice.

" Yes! Why? "

Arice answered.

" Nothing! It's just Alexia texted me and asked you if you will pick your brother up. "

" Yeah! I will. Why? "

Arice asked again.

" She said that she has something to do. So, she's asking you if you can pick up Xandra too. "

Aeroll explained.

" What? She doesn't always have any time for her sister. "

Arice stated.

JC attempted to talk again but I say something.

" Like her, she doesn't always value the time that I gave her. "

Aeroll madly looks at me like she wanted to eat me, she always does that to me whenever I talk.

" Shut it, SERIOUS GUY!! "

Aeroll emphasized that word, then JC talk.

" I'm serious too... "

JC said seriously.

"... Serious about my love for you. "

He added while sweetly looking at Aeroll.

Aeroll madly looks at JC too.

Run JC!

Then JC run so fast to get away from the Trouble. By the way, Aeroll's nickname is Trouble. Lol!


Aeroll shouted.

Hays! These two!! I looked at Arice. She is chuckling, If I weren't serious like this maybe we can laugh together. But sadly. We're different from each other.

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