"No need to wear the bow with it," Kristopher said to his best friend who was checking the bow if it matched with his tuxedo.

"I was thinking the same," he replied as he gave the bow back to the sales guy.

Christian and Kristopher were in the Armani store, selecting the wedding suit for the groom.

His face was impassive, he had no excitement, no happiness or any other emotion in his face.

Tomorrow is his wedding and he is not happy at all. What was he waiting for? The wedding to happen or the wedding to get stopped?

"Christian, your grandma wants to meet you..." Kristopher informed him when he was lost in deep thoughts.

When the guilt comes it takes him down the old familiar path. He wants to refuse to walk it, pretend that he's the person he demands that he would be. He wants to see himself in sepia tones, not perfect colour. He wants to scrub his head, but if he did he'd never learn from what happened. And it's true what they say, “T

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