The wedding day has arrived and Christian's anxiety was increasing with every minute passing by.

He was awake but not leaving the bed, scared to step out and face the world. 

Amelia, who woke up before him and had a shower and prepared the breakfast, walked in the room and spoke, "Come on, have something. The breakfast is ready."

He tossed to the other side saying, "Not hungry..." and she knew why he wasn't eating.

"Christian..." she stepped in the bed and put her small hand on his face to cup it as she spoke, "Christian... you are a strong guy. Don't be a coward."

"I am a coward, Amelia. I can't face the world. I can't face Blair and all of my family members and the press and... and you... How can I face you after the wedding? How can I part the time from my schedule to handle two women at a time, if that's what you're thinking," he blurted out without thinking and sits to lean back on the bed as he continued, "You the most important person i

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