8. Nerdy bitch topper

Chapter 8. Nerdy bi*ch topper! 

The cruel rays of the sun kissed Alex's face without his consent hence making him twitch along with a loud whimper. Tiredness was written all over his face. His lips that were swollen and stained with his girlfriend's lipstick showed how tiring yet passionate the night had been. 

But honestly, he wouldn't forget how amusing it was. No guy would imagine that his girlfriend would sneak into his apartment under his absence and turn the place into a dumping yard just to show that it was some burglar who did that. But when he'd slowly follow the noise coming directly from his bedroom he'd reach there only to see the amazing moment of his life, that is— his girlfriend waiting for him on the bed just in a bed sheet. 

Anyways, with a yawn Alex wide stretched his hands as he lett the rays cover his body wholly. He expected to caress Perry's body next to him and surprisingly his mind realized she was not there beside him.&

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