A delicate taste
A delicate taste
Author: Kiara Colón

I could hear their snarls behind me. A whole crowd of them, following me through the woods. My red dress was ripped apart as I tried to run through the trees and bushes, desperate to get away from them, and my makeup was ruined from crying in fear.

They were chasing me and no matter where I hid, I was sure they would find me. The smell of my rose scented perfume and the blood in my hands and feet from cuts and scratches were sure to catch their attention. Everyone I knew at my birthday ball was gone. Our mansion was attacked by what I think were vampires. 

Their beastly faces, and big fangs protruded from their mouths, as well as eyes who looked like they were fireflies glowing in the night. I never thought they existed. To me, they were always fairytales to make you go to bed early when you were misbehaving.

I was one of the only ones who escaped, or at least that’s what I thought, but I still hoped everyone had made it out alive and well. I reached a river that had risen with the downpour from earlier. Not sure whether to cross or stay, either way, I was in danger on both ends. They were getting closer and my mind just took me back to the angry waters.

I would rather drown than be fed to those beasts, so I jumped to the river and tried to swim to the other side. Looking back to see them on the shore trying to get in, none of them dared. I was relieved, but it was short lived when the water dragged me further down by the waterfalls.

My heart beat rapidly and no matter how fast I was trying to swim, my exhaustion got the best of me. I let the waters take me and let fate decide how I die.

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Zethembiso Hlongwane
mind blowing prologue!!!!!
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Phoenix Redstone
Wow! I wonder what happened. Nice start<3
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Jen Grey
a very intriguing prologue to start with. got me hooked. !!

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