A delicate taste

A delicate taste

By:  Kiara Colón  Completed
Language: English
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She was backed up against the tree and I took a branch, breaking it in half to reveal a sharp end, and going straight for his neck. It might not do much, or at least that's what I thought, but it should be enough to get him away from her.To my surprise, he plummeted to the floor. I looked at Illyria and walked towards her like a predator. With my bloodied hands, not sure if it was mine or his blood, I put them on Illyria's collarbone while dragging it up to her neck and ending up in her face, painting it just like the red rose in her hand, while she looked at me with panic in her eyes.“Don't fear me, little rose. I won't hurt you, but next time you decide to run away, make sure you do it without anyone noticing. I have eyes everywhere” I said in a low growl, that sounded even more dangerous than what I usually sound. ~~~~~~Illyria Abbot was meant to choose a husband on her 21st birthday. When her mansion is attacked by rebellious vampires, she barely escapes with her life. Lost in the woods she’s found by Kieran Moore, a brute vampire who will make her life hard while falling in love with her. But there are secrets who will keep testing them and their love. Will they be able to overcome it, or will it be their doom? Author’s Note: This story contains Latin Language. I am using a program that might not be accurate on the translation, so I apologize in advance if the translation is wrong. Thank you for reading this story and enjoy.

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68 Chapters
I could hear their snarls behind me. A whole crowd of them, following me through the woods. My red dress was ripped apart as I tried to run through the trees and bushes, desperate to get away from them, and my makeup was ruined from crying in fear.  They were chasing me and no matter where I hid, I was sure they would find me. The smell of my rose scented perfume and the blood in my hands and
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The Mansion
Illyria's POV
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The Brute Man
Illyria's POV   The waterfalls dragged me to the bottom of the river, where it was calmer. I surfaced and took a big gulp of air. I was alive, my tears mixed with the water on my face as I sobbed uncontrollably.     My family, my friends and even all those other innocent guests might be dead. I reached the shore and held on to it, trying to keep myself afloat while catching my breath.    As I tried to keep it together, I could see my whole dress had been ruined. My hair was wet and tangled, my face must be a m
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Kieran's POV   I couldn’t believe my father had ordered me to take care of this human. I left her in the chambers before heading to the kitchen to make sure dinner was ready. The dining area seemed more al
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Illyria's POV     I lost my appetite after Lorena told me the news, so I excused myself and apologized for all the delicious food that would go to waste, but I wanted to be alone. I found my chambers and lo
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Red Rose
Kieran's POV "She what?!” I snarled at one of the guards when he told me Illyria had escaped. This woman was causing a lot of trouble already. I don’t know why dad insisted on keeping her here. She should have just stayed in the woods and let nature take care of her. But I had to save her. I couldn’t leave her.My blood boiled as I left the castle, walking towards the village to find her. As I looked around the crowded street, I noticed a red rose on the floor, squished by passersby. I picked it up and smelled it, it had her scent mixed up with the flower’s own natural one.“Excuse me, Kieran?” I heard Molly, the town baker call. She seemed a little concerned, “if you are looking for the lady you brought, she went that way,” she said, pointing at the North side of the woods.“Did you talk to her at all?” I asked, but she shook her head.“No, but Lilith told her about the meaning of the roses for us. She told her that it will be painted with blood, and that must have scared her,
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You Are Mine
Illyria's POVWe arrived once again to the village. While we walked through the crowd, they kept looking at us and murmuring amongst each other. I hugged myself and looked at Kieran, a lot of questions running through my mind.“Why are they looking at us like that?" I asked, curiously. I felt uncomfortable and sudden goosebumps raised on my skin.“They know,” he replied with a smirk, making me look at him confused. “Know what?” “I will explain to you in the castle. For now, we have to get there and clean ourselves," he replied, picking up his pace, not giving me any choice but to follow him. We walked inside the castle and he took me by the hand to pull me towards his room. “What the hell are you doing?” I asked, thinking he will definitely do something to me this time. My heart was beating fast, but I wasn't sure if it was fear or maybe attraction for him. ‘'Shut up your stupid brain,' I said to myself.We walked into his room, it was beautiful and modern. The bed was big and tal
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Illyria's POV     Those words were like electricity running down my spine, and the tone of his voice as he was claiming me at that moment sent shivers through my body. I was his. It was a strange feeling, but my body and my heart were responding to him in such an erotic way, despite my mind telling me to hold back.      “This is not possible. How could this happen?” I asked, still skeptical of the situation. He sat up and looked at me with his golden eyes. He was breathtaking, and every minute I spent next to him would be a minute I would have to hold myself back from giving in.     “It is indeed, possible. When someone gives you a red rose, it means your soulma
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Cassius Visit
Kieran's POV     “We have invited Cassius for dinner, so you better be on your best behavior, Kieran,” Father said. He surely doesn't know his coven was the one that attacked Illyria's family or he wouldn't be telling me this.     “You know how I feel about him, Father. I am not going to be a hypocrite about it,” I said, sipping wine this time. I was not in the mood for my usual drink. Needed something lighter.     The doorbell rang and our butler went to open the door, letting Cassius and his right hand man, Draven in.      “Here we go,” I murmured, earning a stare from m
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