I stepped slowly into the room, and steered my neck around, to view the sporadic place further. Seeing how the place was, I didn't think there was any chance for me to speak with her. Her red eyes alone almost scared me to death. I had no idea of how I could calm her down. I however expected her to feel so horrible, cause that wasn't the first time she was heartbroken. 

As I stepped closer, I halted for a while and inhaled deeply. Sincerely, it was the first time I'd ever feel so scared of a human in my entire life. It seemed like I was about to encounter the Lord. 

I stood about three feets away from her, and stared at her swollen eyes. It looked like she had cried her eyes out. I didn't have anything to say, but I needed to do something. I continued to walk to her, and sat on the bed space beside her. 

She didn't make any movement and also didn't refrain from looking at the floor, crazily jerking the bed

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