I smirked at the view of Mia and Ace exchanging kisses. It was quite infuriating, but I had no choice than to stare at it. 

Mia was well right and smart. I was definitely going to go back to haunt them. I only needed a perfect time for that. The only thing I could do was to think about the best way to take action. 

"Great!" I rejoiced, and snapped my finger at the screen. 

I jumped from my seat, and grinned devilishly at the screen. Ace finally helped me with a perfect plan. That was the exact thing I needed. I long thought on how to steathily get into his fucking mansion, but after he said that he wanted a maid, he already gave me an idea on the first step to take. 

"Cadven!" I called out loudly, smiling at myself for not giving up on finding a clue to attack them. 

The forever scared girl rushed to me, and as

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You mean giving this little idiot the guts—to “have guts” is an idiom which means having courage. To say who gave her a gut is the idiom meaning who helped her get a fat belly? meani

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