Chapter 7: The Shabby Rundown House

I don’t know but… the beautiful scenery calmed me and it made me feel so welcomed. I thought for sure that this is just a dream but the smell, the touch of the wind to my skin and the soft melody of nature around me is telling me that everything is true. I feel like I am really Alice in wonderland, this must be how Alice felt being in a mysterious world no one knows that exists. If I go around in my normal world telling people of seeing all these, they will call me crazy. I hope I won’t encounter dangers here that I can’t handle though; I’m crossing my fingers on that.

“He-Hey ahmnnn Lana, can- can you tell me something about this place, Evetora right?” I ask still overwhelmed and perplexed by the wonderful sight before me.

‘Is this real or not, if so how on earth does it exist and no one even know of it? Are we still in the same world and time or just an imaginative world wherein I’ll just wake up one day then think that all is just a dream created by my mind.’

Questions keep on coming into my mind as I look around the mysterious world where I am standing now. This is really so surreal to me. For someone who is full of imaginations this is WAY beyond my imaginations. I can’t seem to describe what I am feeling and everything I am seeing right this moment.

I hear Lana giggles as she flies in front of me. She waves her hand and I see this light suddenly appears in her hand taking me by surprise.

“I’ll tell you everything you need to know Princess Riri. But first we need to find a place warm enough for you to rest. I know you are hungry and tired due to that heartbreaking drama so we should go somewhere safe.” Lana said looking at me really worried.

I sigh then nod when I suddenly feel so heavy and hungry. My body feels so hot as if I’m beginning to get sick. My stomach is swirling and I feel like vomiting to.

“Come to think of it, I feel so tired, my stomach hurts, and I feel like there is something stock into my throat that I want to vomit also not to mention... my head hurts. Do you have a place in mind where we can stay into?” I ask as I constantly rub my now aching forehead.

‘’That must be because of the time difference of your world to this world. You are feeling a change in your body wherein your body is getting familiarized to the atmosphere here. You see, a day in this world is equivalent to 2 or 3 days on your world. Don’t worry, after an hour you will feel okay and a lot better than you used to be. I know a place where we can rest and eat. Come, follow me and don’t slip.’’ Lana said as she flies ahead of me.

I silently follow after her as I slowly rub my aching head. I don’t know how long we have been walking through that hill down to a forest but my headache that seems to be unbearable is now slowly subsiding. I look around the beautiful surroundings as I follow Lana who is humming a calming tune as she flies leading me the way.

“La- Lana can you tell me, are we there yet? And, where are we going?” I ask since the silence of the surroundings is so serene and it makes me think that I’m just dreaming this entirely.

“You’ll see once we get there but, I know an old abandoned house where we can stay to. Shabby but still a warm where we can rest for a while then I can tell you everything you need to know about Evetora once you’ve settled down. By the way, you also need a change of clothes. The one you’re wearing is way too obvious.” Lana said as she flies around me while she checks my appearance.

“O- kay hope we get there fast, I think I’m starting to get sick with this aching head.” I said as I follow her.

We have been going down this hill, passing a river then trees until we came into a clean forest. Oh gosh! I am so tired, lucky for Lana since she has wings but for me who walks all the way... so painful and tiresome. It seems like my headache is now slowly disappearing so I can manage to look around and observe the sceneries we are passing by.

“We are here now. What do you think Princess Riri?” Lana said making me stop walking and I look ahead to see where we are.

“Wohhhh that looks deserted. Are you sure its safe inside? It looks as if it’s about to fall.” I ask as I look at the house ahead of us.

I don’t know but the house gives me the chills, thinking of scary animals inside or those dangerous animals that can enter the rundown house while we are resting inside.

“Don’t worry too much. So, what do you think?” Lana said making me look at her then to the rundown old house that is now covered by crawling plants.

“Are you really.... really sure that it is safe?” I ask again still unsure about the safety of the place.

We are in the forest where trees and bushes are around. There is this fallen house made of bricks and having a roof made of dried leaves we usually see on log cabins. The doorway is halfway fallen and is wrecked, windows are hanging and the surrounding path is fall of grown grasses. Like I said, it is so scary but it’s better than sleeping nowhere at all.

“Yes, it is safe don’t worry. It looks as if it’s about to rain. This is better than nothing right? We need to prepare before it will rain, clean a little bit then find something to cook for dinner. Oh yes, it was supposed to be lunch for you yes?” Lana said with this hint of joke in her voice as she tries to comfort me.

“Y-yah I guess, but-but how can we do that in just a few hours. I can’t do that in just less time? Look at the place; it needs a lot of fixing for our safety.” I said as I look at the house.

I am not a picky person but I am more on the safer side. I don’t usually scream because of insects like other girls but I fear dangerous animal to. And looking at the old house... I feel uneasy about it.

“No worries I can help. Oh yes, I can’t help you with my size. Then, how about in this form… will it be okay?” Lana said and she begins to glow really bright.

I cover my eyes since the light is so blinding. When the light fades I slowly open my eyes to be taken by surprise. Lana now stands before me in human size with her beautiful wings gone but the same look as to when she is so tiny. Long wavy brownish hair with greenish highlights until her hips, greenish eyes, pinkish lips, dressed in a lovely greenish dress partnered with skinny caramel colored tights, and her feet are now covered in a brownish warm boats. Wrap around her hip is a belt leather bag.

“You- You can do that? B-But how, I mean......”

“Oh silly, I am a fairy remember and in Evetora MAGIC is everything. Now, we can start by YOU resting in here while I will magically fix everything inside so we can settle. Then later on we can go and look for something to eat. How does that sound, Princess?” Lana asks as she smile and giggle while we look at the wrecked house.

“Sounds good to me but… can you really handle alone all the things inside? I can help you in any way I can.” I ask as I look at her still astounded and unbelieving to what is happening to me.

“No it’s no big deal, with just a flick of the fingers everything will be fine so you only need to wait here for just a moment. I’ll call you later to see if you like what I will do.” Lana said as she waves and head inside the wrecked house.

I swear I can hear moving and clinking sounds inside plus a bit of glowing dust coming from the windows from inside. I sight then slowly walk towards the big stone on the side and sits. I look at my feet covered with my 2 inched black heels. I finally feel the pain coming from my ankles. My stiletto must have scratched it while I was running away from everyone…… away from Jemar. I deeply sigh as if the whole world is in my shoulders as I remember what happened.

“I couldn’t believe it, what have gone wrong. I swear I thought of everything before planning about that surprise. I thought I already confirmed that he REALY loves me. But.... what came wrong? Didn’t I confirm it all, or did he just lie to me? I can’t believe this, if he has a reason... NO they are literally kissing on an empty room. There is no lie to what we all saw. Why Jemar? Why me?” I softly said as I look at my heels and start to cry once again.

I smile bitterly as I unclip my heels and take it off putting it aside. I don’t care any less of being barefooted; my aching heart is more painful than anything I am feeling physically. I untie the ribbon of my toga and slide it off my shoulders revealing my black off shoulder straps dress with different colored roses as designs. It is a dress above my knee and has this white lovely leather belt with golden drawings of birds, flowers and butterfly as its design. On its center right on my stomach is a flower design clip lock.

“Princess Riri I’m done, you can come in now. Tell me if there is something you don’t like and like to add.” my attention is taken back by Lana’s call.

“I’m coming.” I answer back taking my heels and toga in my hands as I stand.

I don’t really know why but why do I feel like there is something big coming. Like there is danger nearing. And why is this necklace that I wore won’t come off now?

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