Chapter 8 - An Unexpected Development

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My jaw tensed at the temper simmering inside me. I had no desire to hold a woman’s hand, but I didn’t have a choice. I had to keep up appearances.

The bride, however, lifted her hands up without a second thought and waited for me to hold it.

When the high priest cleared his throat, that was when I realized I hadn’t actually moved yet.

With a deep breath to settle my developing temper, I accepted her hands, enveloping them with my large palm.

“Your Majesty, you may now say your vows,” the old man stated. I gave him an arched brow. What did he say again?

“Start with your bride’s name, Your Majesty, and say your vows loudly for all to hear,” he reminded.

I had to take another deep breath to control the growing turmoil inside me. Fuck! Why must there be

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Janice Choate
Can we say she is his true fated mate?
goodnovel comment avatar
Great story so far!
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Riva Pittman Blair
Love the true love at work here, I'm wondering is she a werewolf and nor aware

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