April 25, 1822

"Twins, your grace," the physician said, smiling wearily at the man sprawled in a chair in his study. "Boys. And healthy they are, bawling their lungs out."

Henry stood up slowly, running a hand over the half grown stubble on his jaw. Twins? Boys?

"How is my wife?" he asked after an instant of stunned silence.

"Very tired, as she's so small and it was a hard birth for her, but she's well. There seem to be no problems."

"There better not be," Henry growled, fixing the doctor with an intent gaze. "You are to remain here until she has completely recovered. I've heard too many times about women who have died within a few days after a normal birth, and I won't have that happen to Cassandra."

"But your grace, I have other patients who need me," the doctor protested. "Lady Auberly is nearly..."

Henry wasn't listening. He strode across the room and out the door of his study, taking the stairs two at a time. He eased into Cassy's room, his eyes trying to adjust to the dim light.
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Thank you so very very much! I changed the title and guess it's taking time to reflect. I really appreciate your kind words.
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Kittas Krap
Only thing I was confused about was when I added book to library - title was “the duke’s unwanted bride” but when you click on the details the title is now “the duke and I”. Also can’t seem to download book to my library. All in all, a great read! Thank you!
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Sowmya 4c2
really it's a xtraordinary story I have read
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