Love Reborn: The Boss's Love for His Wife Knows No Bounds
Love Reborn: The Boss's Love for His Wife Knows No Bounds
Author: Egg Tart
Chapter 1
"Gu... Jiu... Ci!"

"Who's that calling me?"

In her dire state, Gu Jiuci's consciousness in the blankness of the Primal Chaos was gradually waning when she suddenly heard a bone-chilling voice shouting her name!

"Who is it?"

Gu Jiuci opened her eyes abruptly and was initially blinded by a blazing white light. Her blurred vision began to clear up, and she could gradually see the silhouette of an abstruse and cold-looking person.

No other man's features were as stunning as his. That said, he was also the person Gu Jiuci feared the most!

"Huo Mingche?!"

The man's icy fingers seemed to be completely devoid of any human warmth as they gripped her slender neck tightly. If he slightly increased the force...

Gu Jiuci wanted very much to speak, but the man was choking her with such force that she found it hard to breathe. It became so bad that she almost suffocated!

Had she been reborn?!

Gu Jiuci's eyes grew wide and her pupils trembled the instant she realized that. Before she could even rejoice, however, the pain of suffocation gripped her once more.

"Are you going to escape again?"

Huo Mingche's low and magnetic voice still sounded like a cello, but as usual, goosebumps appeared on Gu Jiuci's skin as she heard him speak.

Her fear of him was built up over a lifetime of painful entanglement, so it was already second nature to her.

She suddenly realized that she had been reincarnated on the very day of her engagement to Huo Mingche!

That very day, her elder cousin, Xu Yun'er, had told her that Jiang Yutang had plans to elope with her. Gu Jiuci packed her belongings happily and rushed to the airport.

She did not expect to meet a furious Huo Mingche instead of Jiang Yutang!


The surrounding air became as icy as a cold, ancient pond. The man was quickly losing his patience and his jet-black eyes became even more gloomy. His murderous intent amplified as the fingers around her neck kept tightening their grip.

In their previous lives, Huo Mingche was so obsessed with her that it bordered on a perverse form of prejudice. Gu Jiuci was certain that he wanted to die along with her right now!

Her survival instinct caused her to tug onto Huo Mingche's wrist as hard as she could. The difference in strength between them was so great that she could only force him to release the grip on her neck a slight bit so that she could take in a little oxygen!

Gu Jiuci spat out a few words with great difficulty in the brief moment of respite.

"Bro... ther... Che!"

Huo Mingche shook very visibly after hearing her calling him in this manner and loosened his grip.

Gu Jiuci took in huge gulps of air. She had bet on her hunch and won!

She called Huo Mingche "Brother Che" ever since meeting him when she was six. After falling for Jiang Yutang, however, her attitude toward Huo Mingche began to deteriorate when her elders insisted on having her marry him, and she stopped addressing him in this manner at that time.

Evidently, Huo Mingche cared a great deal about it!

Huo Mingche's dark pupils were still gazing at her intently as he withdrew his hands. At the exact moment when his fingertips shifted away from Gu Jiuci, however, she immediately reached out to grasp his arm.

"I'll never escape, ever again!"

She looked at him with a gaze of nearly insatiable desire as her tears fell uncontrollably.

In her past life, she thought that Xu Yun'er was an elder cousin who was only concerned about her welfare, and that Jiang Yutang was her first love who loved her back deeply, while Huo Mingche was the devil that destroyed her happiness.

In truth, however, she couldn't have been more wrong.

Xu Yun'er and her mother took seven years to drown Gu Jiuci in praises and turn her into a vile, delinquent youth. They even worked with Jiang Yutang to cheat her of her feelings and control her like a puppet!

Eventually, the trio seized all of the Gu family's assets and killed Gu Jiuci's brothers, destroying her family and causing the deaths of many of them.

She was tortured to death in prison at the tender age of 25 and her corpse was tossed into a refuse collection point as if she was nobody. All along, since the very beginning, the only person who had stayed by her side unquestioningly was Huo Mingche.

"You're trembling, Gu Jiuci."

Huo Mingche's expression did not change much after hearing her. His ice-cold look and gaze told her clearly that he did not believe her at all.

"I'm shaking because..."

"I'm reborn! I'm feeling emotional right now, all right?" Gu Jiuci screamed in her heart.

If she told him her true feelings, however, he would be sure to treat her like a freak.

"I swear that I'll never run from you, ever again! May I be struck by lightning if I'm lying!" Gu Jiuci said sternly as she raised three fingers.

Just as she finished speaking, however, there was a huge rumbling sound as a bolt of lightning came hurtling down from the skies!

She was at a loss for the bad choice of words.

There was a loud crash as the door of the SVIP airport lounge flew open after being kicked by someone on the outside.

A handsome young man with a sunny disposition appeared at the entrance of the lounge.

"Second brother?"

Gu Jiuci's eyes were wide open. Just like in her past life, her second brother, Gu Qijue, had rushed to the airport to inform her that Huo Mingche was after her.

That time, however, Huo Mingche appeared right after her second brother. Why was it different this time around? Did her rebirth cause a chain reaction somewhere?

"Jiuci! Huo Mingche is pursuing you, you should run quickly!"

Gu Jiuci was dumbfounded.

Her brother's words caused Huo Mingche's murderous intent to instantly engulf Gu Jiuci.

She felt as though she was at the bottom-most section of the 18th layer of hell instead of at the airport!

Gu Jiuci could feel her scalp getting numb. Was she supposed to try to cheat death again right after being reborn?
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