Love Reborn: The Boss's Love for His Wife Knows No Bounds

Love Reborn: The Boss's Love for His Wife Knows No Bounds

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Language: English
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Gu Jiuci, the daughter of rich parents, was forced into despair: her family was destroyed and she was forsaken by her friends and relatives after being framed by a scheming couple. It was only at the point of death that she realized she had fallen in love with the wrong man and that she had betrayed Huo Mingche, who was willing to give up his life for her. Now, she was reincarnated back as the arrogant and demonic princess of the Gu family, but this time around, things would be different. She would love and work with her husband, Huo Mingche, hand in hand to destroy the vile couple that harmed her in her past life, with his full approval and support.

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409 Chapters
Chapter 1
"Gu... Jiu... Ci!""Who's that calling me?"In her dire state, Gu Jiuci's consciousness in the blankness of the Primal Chaos was gradually waning when she suddenly heard a bone-chilling voice shouting her name!"Who is it?"Gu Jiuci opened her eyes abruptly and was initially blinded by a blazing white light. Her blurred vision began to clear up, and she could gradually see the silhouette of an abstruse and cold-looking person.No other man's features were as stunning as his. That said, he was also the person Gu Jiuci feared the most!"Huo Mingche?!"The man's icy fingers seemed to be completely devoid of any human warmth as they gripped her slender neck tightly. If he slightly increased the force...Gu Jiuci wanted very much to speak, but the man was choking her with such force that she found it hard to breathe. It became so bad that she almost suffocated!Had she been reborn?!Gu Jiuci's eyes grew wide and her pupils trembled the instant she realized that. Before she could e
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Chapter 2
"Huo... Huo... Huo... Huo... Huo Mingche! Why are you here?!"The handsome youth with a sunny disposition looked at Huo Mingche dumbly and became so afraid that his teeth began to chatter uncontrollably."This is... your so-called oath?"The tiny trace of trust that Huo Mingche displayed in his eyes earlier on was immediately gone, only to be replaced by an iciness."It's merely a coincidence. I will never flee from you ever again!"Gu Jiuci let go of his hand in fear. This small movement, however, caused Huo Mingche's gaze to become even colder, and the aura of viciousness surrounding him transformed into a murderous one!"Don't be afraid of him, Jiuci!"Her second brother took the opportunity to lift her up and used his own body to shield her. Even though he was so fearful of Huo Mingche that he began to tremble, he still spoke resolutely."Huo Mingche! You aren't officially related to Jiuci in any way now! As her second-eldest brother, I have the right to take her home!""S
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Chapter 3
"Isn't that ringtone the special one you use for calls from Xu Yun'er? Aren't you going to pick it up?" Gu Qijue, who was driving, asked as he raised his head to look at his sister.He sounded a little careful.Gu Jiuci had always obeyed everything Xu Yun'er said. She would always fly into a great rage whenever her brother said anything negative about her friend."I have no intention of picking it up."Gu Jiuci's lips arched into a sneer. She reached out to grab her phone, which was ringing incessantly and flung it out of the window.It was only when she was close to death in her past life that Gu Jiuci realized that Xu Yun'er had been able to track her phone's location long ago.As such, no matter where she went, Xu Yun'er was always able to appear at the opportune moment to make some special arrangements.She was truly foolish to treat Xu Yun'er as her own elder sister. She even allocated a unique ringtone for her.As Gu Qijue witnessed his sister's actions, his eyes were bul
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Chapter 4
"Where did you go to party again? Do you know how important this event is? Why did you arrive so late?! You're too much!"Before she could even straighten herself up, Gu Jiuci could hear her father's cold rebuke.Upon hearing that, Gu Jiuci furrowed her brows and turned her attention to a group of three seated close by.Xu Yun'er and her mother Su Furong were seated to the left and right of her father respectively. They were so close to each other that they seemed to belong to the same family.After the death of Gu Jiuci's mother, Xu Yun'er and Su Furong came to stay in the Gu residence at the wish of Gu Jiuci's late mother. They cajoled the young lady into causing more and more trouble.In the eyes of her father, Gu Qingyuan, she had completely turned into a troublemaker who only knew how to create havoc and a good-for-nothing child that he had failed to bring up properly.It was also due to his indifference and rebukes that caused Gu Jiuci to feel that she was receiving less af
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Chapter 5
"I formally announce the engagement of Huo Mingche and Gu Jiuci!"Grandfather Guo immediately took out a pair of rings he had prepared much earlier and handed them to the two of them solemnly."Che'er, are you not going to put the ring on Jiuci?""I will."Gu Jiuci stared blankly as Huo Mingche picked up her hand and gently slid the ring onto her ring finger as warm applause immediately rose up around them.In this life, she had finally succeeded in becoming engaged to Huo Mingche, with the approval of their elders and the blessings of their friends.At this time, a mellow and romantic tune came on and everyone moved in unison to the dance floor. Before Gu Jiuci could come back to her senses, a warmth enveloped her waist and she was swept forcefully into Huo Mingche's embrace.Her left hand rested lightly on his shoulder and her right hand was naturally clasped by his. The warmth against her palm dazzled her momentarily.In her last life, every moment she spent with Huo Mingche
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Chapter 6
Gu Jiuci immediately took a step back and dodged away from Jiang Yutang's hand with great disdain.In her last life, she had been seduced by his honeyed words and taken his hand without a second thought, believing they would be together until their hair turned white. But in the end? It was an endless abyss.Jiang Yutang just thought that Gu Jiuci was being shy and continued to speak his words of love."Ah Ci, I'll take you away from Huo...""No."Gu Jiuci interrupted Jiang Yutang's loving words expressionlessly."What did you say?"All of Jiang Yutang's false gentleness froze on his face as he stared blankly at Gu Jiuci. He thought he had heard her wrong."I'm just answering your question. I said no, it means that I do not love you anymore."Gu Jiuci sneered coldly."Ah Ci, is Huo Mingche forcing you to say this? Or are you still angry at me? What happened during the day today was my mistake, please forgive me. Stop throwing a tantrum and leave quickly with me!"Panic rose o
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Chapter 7
Large tears rolled down Xu Yun'er's face. With that pitiful expression, men would easily believe whatever she said.If not for the fact that she had known what Xu Yun'er was like, Gu Jiuci's heart would have softened for her as well.It was all because of this seemingly innocent face that she had been tricked so badly in her last life!Was Xu Yun'er not just feigning innocence? She was the truly innocent one!"Cousin, I was too stubborn before. How heartbroken you must be to have given up Brother Yutang to me to make me happy!"But everything is better now. I truly don't like him anymore, so you don't need to keep this act up anymore."Actually, you and Brother Yu-... no, Jiang Yutang, make a great pair!""I wish you two all the joy. A trashy man and a bitch, may you be happy together forever!"Halfway through her words, Gu Jiuci felt that "Brother Yutang" was too disgusting to say and immediately changed to using his name.At this moment, she was unconsciously resting into Hu
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Chapter 8
"Ah Ci, are you all right? Is your cold better?"Just as Gu Jiuci came out, Xu Yun'er immediately rushed over and took her hand. From her worried expression, it was as if nothing had happened.Given her ability to act and change her expressions, the Oscars owed her a golden statuette.Gu Jiuci suddenly recalled that in her last life, Xu Yun'er had indeed become a movie star. No wonder she could fool her and date a number of men."I'm fine, I was just a little cold," Gu Jiuci replied lightly and unobtrusively avoided Xu Yun'er's hand."I was so worried. The devil was so scary just now. He didn't bully you, did he?" Xu Yun'er asked with feigned concern, but all of her words describing Huo Mingche were very negative.In her last life, Gu Jiuci had not noticed that in the beginning, Huo Mingche had not acted in an extreme way. On the contrary, it was Xu Yun'er's words that made her develop a bias against Huo Mingche. As time went on, the misunderstandings between her and Huo Mingche
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Chapter 9
After her mother had passed away, Aunt Fu treated her the best. She practically loved her like her own daughter. However, in her previous life, she had listened to Xu Yun'er's words and believed that as a servant, Aunt Fu's mothering was an attempt to control her.Afterward, she had become very cold toward Aunt Fu and demanded that she couldn't call her by her name. Instead, she had to add the title "Miss" as a show of respect.Even so, Aunt Fu still treated her very well. In her previous life, after she went to prison, Aunt Fu had come to visit her a few times."Aunt Fu, come in!"Gu Jiuci answered the knock guiltily and stared at the door as she hugged her pillow."Miss Ci, the young master said that you barely ate anything at dinner. I just heated up..."Aunt Fu began speaking enthusiastically the moment she entered, but as she spoke, she was afraid that Gu Jiuci would become irritated so she carefully stilled her tongue."Thank you, Aunt Fu. I will drink it while it's hot."
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Chapter 10
"Gu Jiuci, you idiot! How could you carelessly give your family heirloom to someone else!"Gu Jiuci angrily picked up her pillow and hit herself with it a few times. However, the scene of her being held in the devil's arms and their almost-kiss rose in her mind again.She almost...In her previous life, she had feared him like the plague. Yet, in this life, on her first day of rebirth, she had fallen in love with him?A confused expression rose on Gu Jiuci's face. Although she had given her entire heart to Jiang Yutang in her previous life, she hadn't actually felt what it meant to be in love. Perhaps she was just bewitched by Jiang Yutang and it couldn't be called love...No, what love? Huo Mingche was the most handsome man in the imperial capital; she was just enchanted by his appearance!"No! Gu Jiuci! This is not the time to be distracted by a pretty face!"Gu Jiuci clapped her hands on her face and forced herself to calm down."This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so
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