Matthias POV

''I'll see you guys soon!'' Maya said exiting the room.

''See you later, Maya. Thank you for coming,'' I said to her, hugging her. ''Have a safe drive back home.''

''Thank you, Matthias, call me if you guys need anything.''

''No problem.'' She blew a kiss to Elijah and Josie as she leaves the room to ourselves. Zach was here standing beside Josie. I went over as Zach prepares to leave us alone.

''Congrats, proud of you.''

''Thanks, man,'' I replied shortly.

''I'm going now, I'll talk to you guys later,'' he said patting me on the back and gave Josie a small hug.

''Bye, Zach,'' Josie said, and he waved a final goodbye to the both of us.


The morning after I was fully awake while getting some information from Dr.Kalis.

Josie was getting out o

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