Chapter 54: The Interview.

Cosmos' Point of View.

I'm seeing her now. What should I do?

I practiced so many times at the office earlier on how to talk to her but now, I know that I can't talk to her without stuttering. I can't talk to her without me being nervous. Well, that shit happens all the time to me.

It sounds cringe, yeah for a man like me but I can't deny the fact that she still gives me butterflies in my stomach after all these time. After all the years I've spent on dreaming and thinking about her.

"Sir, are you okay with no makeup on or we should call someone to put one on you?" Someone from the staffs approached me that made me look away from Lyra.

"No. I'm fine. Thank you for the offer but I'm not used to makeups and such." I answered her shacking my head a no.

"Oh. Okay. You can just wait here before we set everything up. Just call someone if you need something, Sir." She said and I responded with a thank you then she immediately disappeared from my sight, blending with the busy people aroun
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