Chapter 58: One Last Time.

Alyia's Point of View. 

"Am I going to pick you up by 2 pm or what?" He asked while we're inside his car. 

"I will just call you." I answered and as I look outside to see the coffee shop that Flame told me we'll meet up and when I saw it, I tapped Cosmos' shoulder. 

"Stop right there." I said and pointed the parking space in front of the coffee shop. 

"Are you really sure you don't want to bring me around?" He asked as he park the car. 

I want to have him around so that they'll have good terms with Flame because the last thing I knew about them, they weren't in good terms. They do be speaking with each other but I know he was jealous with Flame and Flame also accesses him for being arrogant. 

"You know I want to but Flame told me not to bring anyone. I already told you about that, right?" I asked him and he smiled to me. 

"Of cours

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