Kemi dragged my braids backward with a force that was shocking and she garnished my face with a beautiful smack.

"What do you think you have just done?" I cried out, holding the agonized cheek.

"I just taught you how to respect people."  Kemi said smoothing her hair.

I made to drag Kemi by her indecent top but I was stopped by John who stood between us acting as a peacemaker.

"Why are you stopping me from disciplining her?" I screamed, holding out my right hand.

"I won't allow my office to be a boxing ring." John said smiling.

"Let me bring the thunder on her." I retorted, lurging for Kemi's neck.

"The only thunder you are bringing is by being mature." John yelled, folding his arms meticulously.

"Alright." I whined, bolting the door.


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