Lurking In The Dark - Book 1

Lurking In The Dark - Book 1

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Book 1 - You'd better watch out. The danger is not just lurking in the dark. accompanies each of our steps. Instinct drives them.In a world full of monsters, there are those who are willing to risk their lives to save humanity from ruin. The hunters.After the trauma of her childhood, the ambitious young Grace decides that she will be one of those who hunt down the monsters and does everything she can to achieve this goal. She only wants one thing, to take revenge on the beings that her parents once snatched from her. But when Grace is forced to meet the grouchy Reese and his troubled brother Nick, she has to admit that the monsters of this world not only lurk in the dark shadows of the night. She is drawn into a vortex of intrigue, power struggles and greed for money and soon finds herself confronted with a creature that is more dangerous than anything known before.-------Book 2 - You'd better watch out. The danger is not just lurking in the dark. accompanies each of our steps. Instinct drives them.In a world full of monsters there are those who are willing to risk their lives to save humanity from perdition. The hunters.Finally, the years of hard work are paying off, Grace is officially a Venator and with Reese at her side she believes she can cope with anything that fate throws at her. But an unbelievable message from Jilin pulls the shadows from the past and stirs her thirst for revenge. Grace takes on this challenge and gets a stone rolling that cannot be stopped and slowly not only she begins to doubt her sanity.

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An Repass
must read..very thrilling. keeping u on the edge of ur seat.
2022-07-28 02:54:49
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it's the cover for me. kudos author
2020-12-04 00:04:52
Glossary of parent groups and subspecies 1
Glossary of parent groups and subspecies • Canis-Proles descendant of dogs             • Feles-Proles cat offspring (also includes big cats)             • Vulpes-Proles fox descendant             • Dama-Proles reindeer             • Capella-Proles descending goats             • Meles-Proles descendant of marten             • Ursus-Proles bear descendant (raccoons)             • Simia-Proles monkey descendants (chimpanzees / capuchin monkeys)             • Sciurus-Proles squirrel offspring (also includes rats and mice)             • L
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Glossary of parent groups and subspecies 2
-----Core group: Feles-ProlesSubspecies: CascusLineage: The forefather of Cascus is the general house cat.Size: head-torso length from 47 to 52 centimeters (with tail 74 to 77 centimeters), withers from 29 to 33 centimeters.Weight: 3 to 5 kilogramsColor and Appearance: The Cascus is a very slender, muscular prole. The Cascus is characterized by its extremely long legs. The basic color of the fur is a deep black, which is only set off by long, white hair around the face, neck and neck. In this abundance, the small head looks small and delicate.Character: Pronounced social behavior among each other.Features: Toxic, extremely fast. Always in a big pack.Lifespan: A Cascus has a life expectancy of five to seven yearsDistribution: normalDistribution area: South and North America, Europe. -----Core group: Dama-ProlesSubspecies: DorcasDescent: deerSize: head-t
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Glossary of parent group and subspecies 3
Core group: Sciurus-ProlesSubspecies: MinorDescent: Due to its size and life expectancy, the minor is assumed to be derived from rats.Size: head-torso length from 19 to 29 centimeters (with tail 24 to 35 centimeters), withers from 12 to 16 centimeters. Weight: 0.17 to 0.52 kilogramsColor and appearance: The minor goes through the color scale from brown tones to yellow to red. Its hind legs are strong and relatively long. In the front paws there are glands through which it can release poison that its prey absorbs through the skin, and paralyzes. If a person is attacked, they should consult a doctor as quickly as possible, as the nervous system can fail and partial paralysis can occur very quickly.Character: Cunning and nocturnal.Characteristics: Due to its size, minor nests have already been discovered in the most inaccessible places. It has also happened that they have penetrated living spaces through ventilation shafts an
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New dress
Mommy, when will you have cake?" I tugged at her dress when she didn't react immediately to show her that I was getting impatient. "I'm hungry for cake."She stopped washing the glass under the clear water in the sink and smiled down at me. With her blonde hair she looked like an angel. Yes, my mommy was an angel. "It'll take a moment, Grace.""How long is a moment?"“As soon as I'm done here, I have to set the table. But don't worry, I'll call you then. Go play in the garden while you are. "Hm, but I didn't want to play in the garden at all. I had played in the garden with Wynn all day, now I wanted my birthday cake. "But then I'll still starve."She screwed up her eyes critically and played and pursed her lips a little while she looked me up and down in my yellow summer dress. It was my birthday dress that we had specially called for today. I got a new dress every birthday. "You're right," she said thoughtfully. “My poor darling is o
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Happy birthday
Lured by the screaming of the children, Mommy ran out of the house and found another of these animals. She tried to slam the door quickly when the non-dog jumped at her, but by then he had already torn her to the ground and bit her shoulder. She screamed and screamed in panic. I could hear it all over the garden. Mommy was scared he hurt her!Suddenly the air was filled with screaming, crying and wailing. In between, the strange animals growling again and again. I heard Moritz calling for his mom and the screeching of Chiara. One of these non-dogs had bitten into her leg and was dragging her, growling, into the nearest bushes, while another Uncle Roderick, with his cell phone to his ear, chased around the house until I could no longer see him.Wynn clutched my arm, crying, while the plush behind us still tried to bite its way through the fence. In the meantime, three others made it into the garden, jumped over the fence near the terrace and immediately rushed, drooling
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.............Come on!” Bay cheered the drooling beast. "Show me what you can!"The crane, an Ursus prole, with the colors of the rising sun, crept around its victim, growling. He kept his eyes on the young, blond man's small handgun. He had learned in the years of his imprisonment. He knew how dangerous this thing was, that it meant pain. But he was hungry, so very hungry. And sometimes he even managed to grab a bite before the pain came.Sometimes.His huge paws made no sound on the soft sand as he crept around his victim. He wouldn't give up until he got what he wanted or the pain came, sending him twitching to the ground. He wouldn't stop until his hunger was satisfied.His narrow skull with the horn-like bony outgrowths on the back of his head was dark as the shadows of the night, just like his watchful eyes. The black color ran from the head over the chest down to the stomach and then gradually turned into the orange-red, long fur, whic
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"Now finally hit him on the face!" Roared Mr. Keiper at his apprentice. Even from up here I could see that the bald man had a bright red head again. "Use your head, do what you've learned!"When I heard a giggle four rows below, I fixed my gaze. There, in the first row of the stands, sat Pia and Marle, the only other girls in our year of training.The Beluosus Academy accepted around seventy-five students each year, of which no more than ten were girls. The hunt for monsters was a man's domain after all - at least that's what the guys liked to imagine. I had a completely different opinion, which was not only due to the fact that I belonged to the female gender myself.Pia chuckled at Bay's awkwardness. Maybe I should remind her how she looked with the Wrath last week. You could really have believed that she hadn't learned anything here in the last two years.From the kennel I heard the angry growl of the crane when Bay finally hit him on the short muzzle.
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Reads like a bad thriller," I muttered, turning my face to her. You wanted an honest opinion? She could have it. "That sounds like a toddler wrote it who had a few sentences dictated by a scientist and in between chats a little with an old friend.""Does that mean I can't hand it over like that?" She asked me, horrified, when the work of ten minutes threatened to slip between her hands."That means it wouldn't hurt if you revised it again. I wouldn't describe it as an essay either, it's too short for that. And since it is not useful for objectivity if you keep inserting your personal opinion or inappropriate comments in between, I would also leave them out. So, yes, you should urgently revise that if you don't want Mr. Keiper to cancel the internship for you. ”I handed her the pad back and didn't mind the fact that she moaned pityingly. “At least the spelling is good. In any case, I did not find any errors. "She grumbled something incomprehensible.
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Hurt me
Mr. Keiper looked after him skeptically for a moment before turning his attention back to us. "What I actually wanted to convey to you with the whole thing is, are ..."“Always vigilant,” we all said in unison. That was the motto of every Venator - and of course a budding one, like us. Always alert, always ready.Mr. Keiper nodded satisfied. "Does anyone have any questions?" Unanimous shake of the head. “And everyone knows where to go tomorrow? Well then, pack up your things and make sure you come home. I'll see you on Friday. Unharmed, if I may ask. "That was the sign we had all been waiting for. Conversations started when everyone picked up their stuff from the stands and rushed home before Mr Keiper could think of anything else he thought he had to tell us. Yes, it happened regularly."It's going to be amazing," Evangeline enthused me on the way to the stairs. “We can finally play with the big boys. Only one more night."
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Furious, I put my finger in front of his nose and pressed my lips together so that I wouldn't knock everything on the tip of my tongue. I would love to have him ... ahrrr!"Oh come on, Grace, it wasn't that bad.""Not this time," I said finally and let my finger drop. "But at some point you will be so careless that they'll catch you and when the time comes, Dom, I'll kick your ass in such a way that even your great-grandchildren can still feel it."He grinned and showed me his very special dimple. "I can not wait any longer."What else should you say besides: "Fool." I turned around and walked back the way I had just come."Did you actually want something in particular, or were you just here to plump me?" Domenico called after me."I was only here to prune you." I pulled the heavy steel door open. "And since we didn't have to amputate your arm and you can still tear stupid sayings, I'm leaving now.""It's always nice when you visit me
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