Chapter 04

  Rays of light, birds chirping, twigs, dry leaves, tall trees. Jeremy could feel everything. He rubbed his face against the loamy sands before he realised he was completely naked against the soil. He arose quickly to his feet with his eyes scampering around. Studying the new environment.

This place was new, he thought and definitely not in Covington. Where was this place? He asked himself before his eyes fell on a lady. Standing metres away from him and dressed in an all black attire. Her long straightened hair were donning a darker shade of blue and he could smell the scent that reeked off her. His senses were operating on a whole new level. They were heightened; his nose picked scents miles away, his hearing noted even the tiniest sound, his myopic eyes could even see better!.

 How he arrived here, why he was naked this sunny afternoon and who this lady was greeting him with hostility, were questions that puzzled his fragile mind.

The last he remembered was the excruciating pain he faced last night, but Bella was there!, He wondered where she was. His eyes scampered through the trees but no sight of any human in his vision except the silent lady.

"Who are you?" He toned after much deliberation on his situation. The lady smiled. A sinister one. 

"I should be asking you that." She responded in the iciest voice Jeremy swore he had ever heard. Intimidating and enough to instill fear to his spine. He covered his private parts quickly only realizing he had been standing fully naked in front of a lady. But the next wave of pain that struck him on his head, sent him thudding to the ground. Someone had magically appeared behind his back and smashed a bat on his head. His head rang with a throbbing pain. He tried to groan from the aftermath but his weakness wouldn't let him.

"Take him to the Cave. We have some serious questioning for him." Jeremy felt the lady's presence stroll away from him. And that was the last his senses observed before slipping into unconsciousness. 



  Jeremy's eyes opened faintly from another wave of pain scorching throughout his body. The smell of blood, his own blood. Tripping down his wrists and the little light reflecting in the Cave jolted him awake from unconsciousness. His wrists and ankles were chained so that his body hung and spread openly in the air. The burning sensation that bloomed from his wrists and ankles were unbearable. The fast paced rate at which the Silver chains rooted to the walls were heating his skin up made him cry for help. Trying to wriggle free from the torture only worsened his situation. His vision which were once blurry now recognized the figures standing defiantly in his front. There was the blue haired lady amidst three men. Their gazes expressing pure hatred and evil. As if they enjoyed him suffer in this undeserving torture. He wondered who these people were and why they were bestowing this injustice upon him. At the same time, hot tears trickled down his face from fear and shame engulfing him.

"Who are you?" The lady asked in the same icy mannerism Jeremy remembered. His heart were racing and thumping loudly as if to explode his ear drums. Sweats swarmed across his body and his lips stuttered. Afraid of what torture might follow suit if he gave the wrong answers.  

"Who are you?!" She roared in a ferocious that sent Jeremy pissing. His urine flowed out on impulse and suddenly, he's head went blank. He cried helplessly as emptiness dominated his brain. She sauntered closer with a threatening growl. 

"I'll ask you one last time and if your pathetic mouth fails to give me what I want, I'll start by ripping that wretched dick of yours off." 

Jeremy swallowed his saliva painfully. Her near proximity to him and the dominating aura she carried was terrifying.  

"J-jeremy!" He stammered in a weak tone. 

"So you're a spy eh?" She quickly retorted with her devilish gaze boring holes into his eyes.  

"I'm not a spy!" He vehemently disagreed but she rewarded him with a growl and a fierce grasp of her right palm on his cheek. He whimpered feeling her nails dig into his flesh. 

"Then how do you explain trespassing into our packlands! Who sent you here?!" She yelled again and Jeremy started to piss again. His brain tried to comprehend what she meant but failed miserably. 

"Nobody sent me here!" Jeremy cried louder.

"Liar!" She roared, her voice echoing throughout the Cave. Then she inched her face closer, her warm breaths landing roughly against his cheeks. "Don't test me, boy." 

"Believe me, Please. Nobody sent me here. I don't even know how I got here. I'm innocent." 

She suddenly let go and returned to her latter position. Jeremy had almost breathed a sigh of relief until two of her hefty men marched towards him.

"I am no spy! Please. Please!!" Jeremy shook violently in efforts to escape the torture this men would bestow upon him. One gripped his right arm tightly while the other pressed a syringe containing a liquid into his skin. As the substance coursed through his veins, Jeremy produced the loudest roar his cords could orchestrate. A roar of unimaginable pain.

  His whole insides burned and his body shook violently between the chains. His vision which were once lucid turned blurry. He felts like his insides were being eaten up and it only weakened him further. Whatever they had injected into his body severed the connection between his nerve and limbs. And was going to do more.

"Are you ready to talk now or would you like to know the taste of electricity coursing through your body?" Her voice arose in it's accustomed ferocious tone. But Jeremy had almost slipped to unconsciousness. At this point, he knew nothing he would say will be convincing enough.

"My name is Jeremy and I am an orphan from the small town of Covington. I don't know anything else." He muttered his eyes twitching lazily at her face. 

"Still adamant." She remarked. Dissatisfaction evident in her voice. "Call the Alpha." 

She ordered to one of her hefty men who simply bowed courteously before exiting sharply. 

  Only minutes lingered before a new figure appeared at the mouth of the Cave. His stature was moderate yet dominating. Jeremy could tell from the amount of power and aura that reeked off him. This was the Alpha. A man who would show him another height of torture. In a moment, he had appeared in his front. His eyes a dazzling honey colour and his low hair a shiny shade of brown. His lips red as rose, His black attire adorned regally to his body. His smile was soothing until Jeremy looked closely, they contained genuine hatred and evil. Just one look at him and Jeremy knew his life was about to trail a dangerous path. 

"So you called me here for this pathetic simpleton, Gamma Reece." The Alpha muttered in a grand gesture. His words harsh and authoritative.

"Forgive me, he proves to be a stubborn Wolf." The blue haired lady answered sternly. 

"That's interesting." He grinned before turning to Jeremy whose breaths ceased for minutes. 

"Poor soul, you don't deserve my wrath." The Alpha stated in an overly sadistic manner while his hand caressed Jeremy's cheek. "Let me save you the stress." 

The Alpha held Jeremy's head with both hands and his eyes closed. 

"What are you doing to me?" Jeremy stuttered in a whisper feeling a dangerous and dominating power consume the entirety of his body.

"Reading your memories." He answered and then Jeremy felt his subconsciousness project into his memories. He was in a train going down a memory lane from his young age and up to the very last minute. It wasn't painful but pressurizing as they flushed through him at once.  Suddenly, the Alpha retreated his hands and Jeremy's sufferings resumed. The pain raking his insides and the silver chains scaling his skin. 

"Reece!" The Alpha roared in the thickest tone. Anger and sadistic pleasure, dignifying his voice. "Gather my army, we are going to Covington." 

Jeremy shook from another wave of fear smiting him. He wondered what this powerful man had seen that made him so agitated. But whatever it was, Jeremy knew his town was about to welcome an unspeakable evil.

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