Chapter 09

The chirping of birds and the heating sensation of sun rays gradually stole Jeremy from his long sleep. He couldn't tell how long he'd passed out nor if he were still held by chains. Suspending him midair and giving him the most gruesome pain he's ever experienced.

His eyes awoke lazily and his stomach grumbled. Complaining about the long starvation. His lips were dry and his skin pale from long exposure to air and beatings. Realization dawned on him as he enjoyed the comfort of the small rickety bed. He was in a room designed like an hut and made out of oak wood. The silky brown blanket shielded him from his toe and up to his hips. Leaving his chest bare.

How he had gotten here remained a mystery he didn't want to solve. All he thirsted for is to enjoy this comfort while he could.

"You're finally awake." Said the stranger who emerged into the hut. His appearance elderly like one in his mid sixties. He had a grin that expressed how grateful he was, his pure Hazel iris glimmering in
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