Chapter 16 - The Strange Old Man

It was our second day of being stranded on this island, yet no rescue had come. We didn’t find any locals as well. The sun was at its peak, indicating that it might be noon already. Rico was walking ahead of me, leading the way to the unknown territories. The foliage here was thicker and the coconut-looking trees were much taller compared to the ones at the beach.

Now that I had a good look at them, and for the first time that I ever gave focus and attention to the details of the trees, they looked familiar.

“Jelly, check this out.”

Rico called me out from where he was standing, which I supposed an opening just outside the foliage. I quickened my pace and for the first time since being stranded here, finally found something beautiful and mesmerizing.

We were standing on a wide cliff, wider than the first one Alyssa fell from. The memory struck like lightning and got me sobbing again, but I nodded it off. I needed to always remind myself to move on. I might not be able to forget, but
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