[53] The final showdown I

~Kara's POV~


The one whom appeared to be their leader raised a pistol up in the air and pulled the trigger twice, the loud bangs got everyone's attention fast.

Many women exclaimed in fear while some whimpered.

Everything moved in slow motion.

I looked at the pistol in the person's hand and my heart sank, real horror crept into my soul, Lance and I exchanged glances, he had seen it too. 

It was a goddamn viper crest revolver.

I thought this war was over the moment Don Starllion dropped dead... Who could this be?


So much for Christmas Eve...

This town really is the Devil's Basket. You can't have fun without the worse happening.

The one whom I perceived to be the gang leader slowly took off his mask.

My breath really caught in my throat.

Holy heavens!

"Johnny!." I exclaimed in utmost shock.

Lance just stood beside me dumbfounded, I was literally shook to my spine.

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