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Gisella, tagged as cursed, criticised by everyone because she lost her mother during her birth and maltreated by her stepmother. Was born with an unknown power to predict and foresee the unseen and the future of others. Due to this, she grew up timid and discriminated by people. It took great loss of lives , the near ending of her dignity and the one she loves most before she realized her inner self ( her reflection).After realizing the reason of her existence and her inner being, she stoop to conquer."MY REFLECTION" is the long awaited novel which will help you realize the reason why you were created the way you are. The reason to love and cherish yourself to enable you push through life no matter what people think or feel about you.

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Absolutely love it! The story is captivating and the strong ending was perfect!
2021-07-06 16:04:29
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Otu Harriet
Kindly leave a review
2021-06-14 03:24:08
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Otu Harriet
great, try it and you'll love it
2020-10-12 02:00:33
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Exe Gabhadiya
amazing book really helps you to LOVE ...... your self the way you are
2021-08-19 05:57:37
52 Chapters
THE ANTONIO'S MANSION It was a lovely Friday morning. The sun gave its light gracefully and the wind exhibits its talent, filling the air with the aura of the lilies, roses and sun flower on the compound making the house dazzel with beauty.Lizzy, Gina and Agnes , the house maids were busily doing their house chores. Moving restlessly like ants." Hurry, go finish with the meal, Mrs. Fiona will soon come down for her breakfast...." Gina exclaimed, turning to what she was doing at the hall.Agnes looked grumpily at her and left to the kitchen." Good morning ladies", Mr. Antonio called descending down the stairs. "How was your night?" he queried on with a smile." Good morning sir", they cheerfully chorused. Lizzy took his bag and trolled out to the car." Your breakfast is served sir ", Agnes uttered from the dinning table. Mr Antonio just giggled as he trod to the door." Never mind, dear.  I ought to rush off to the office now. I'll have my breakf
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Antonio got to the babies' ward and stood by his daughter's cot with a stressful look. He looked into her eyes, marvelled. " Wow? You are such a special child– and look just like your mother." He expressed with tears in his eyes." Sir", Gina called from the door." Gina–what's it?" he queried faintly." Everything is done, the doctor said we can take her home now." Gina answered." Okay, come for her", he replied and left the ward.Gina carried the baby carefully and followed him to the car." Where is Lizzy?" Antonio asked, his eyes lurking around, in search of her." She left to get the baby's room ready for her arrival", Gina replied."Alright, let's get going– its getting late" Antonio mumbled as he settled at the  driver's side.They drove off from the hospital.                                            
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THREE YEARS AFTER Gisella sat in the kitchen alone with Gina and Lizzy who were busily doing their chores. Fiona suddenly appeared by her and sat beside her. Gisella instinctively giggled which gave Gina and Lizzy the chill as they watched her giggle alone to herself, staring at an unknown person." Who is she giggling at so cheerfully, Gina?" Lizzy swiftly mumbled in a single breath which brought back Gina's glaring eyes to her." Why asking me, Lizzy? – Does it look like I'm a sort of deity who knows all?" She wittily asked. " How can I know when we're all speechless over here, wondering what's going on over there."Lizzy gave a sheepish smile and turned back to her work. "Let's just forget it – It's actually kinda getting creepy in here." She mumbled to herself. " Hey, honey" Fiona called with smiles and Gisella chuckled. " How is my little baby today?" she asked." Good, mum, just missed you–What took you so long today..?, she cried with a grumpy look
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ANTONIO'S MANSION It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon at the Antonio's mansion. Gina, Lizzy and Agnes were busy as usual with their chores but this time, trying to avoid the sight of the scary and wired Gisella as they call her." Lizzy, where is that cursed girl, Gisella..?", Gina asked nervously, her eyes earnestly searching around. Lizzy swiftly lurked around as well." I hope she's not around here or?" she went on." No, Gina, she might be in her room", Agnes replied.Gina sighed, relieved. " Ermm, Agnes, won't you go and serve her food?–she might be starving now"Lizzy called which made Agnes flinch out in fright." who?–me?" She queried as she pointed herself and chuckled wittly. " You might be kidding, right?–Li?" She went on. Gina and Lizzy just glared at her with a straight look."No–No, that must be over my dead body will I do" She cried with a faint chuckle." Do, what?", a voice swiftly interrupted. Lizzy and Gina instinctively turned toward
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It was a lonely and sad evening for Gisella. She sat on her bed with her mother's ghost beside her, crying and famished since no one was ready to make her some food since morning." Mum?" She called " why won't dad believe me(sobs)I'm so hungry as well. There is no food in the house for me.", she cried and grumbled her face. Her stomach had already started hurting due to luck on food." My stomach hurts so bad, mum. It lacks food–Ouch...", she cried in pain. Fiona instinctively rose to her feet." You'll be fine Gisel, let me get you some food.", Fiona cried worriedly." No, mum, they'll see you. Don't go.." She mumbled." Don't worry, honey. I'll be right back.."She turned to leave for the kitchen but the door suddenly slam open with great force. They both gazed at the door expectantly. And to their surprise, Natasha entered angrily, with a scornful look and threw a deadly gaze at Gisella which made her panic at her sight." What–do–you– want in my room? ", sh
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ANTONIO'S APARTMENT Gina, Lizzy and Agnes entered the house, exhausted.  Upon seeing them, Antonio and Natasha hurriedly approached them expectantly in frustration. " Did you find her..?", they chorused worriedly." No, sir– we searched everywhere we could think of but still no sign of her anywhere".Gina cried with a sad look.Antonio faint sadly into the sofa, his mind felt blank for a moment as he stared with anxiety written all over his face. " How is this possible?– where could she be?"Natasha instinctively snarled, her lips curved in a faint satisfactory smile. "This is just the beginning, Antonio –Better sit tight for the trilling days ahead." She mentally mumbled, swiftly masking up a fake nervous gaze as she joined him in the sofa." Don't worry honey,I know she'll return safely–Trust me.." She  consoled. Antonio glanced at her, his eyes clearing exposing his nervousness and frustration." Are you sure she'll return safely?" 
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TWO DAYS AFTER Finally, Antonio and Natasha's  marriage ceremony was on. The house was beautifully and heavily decorated with blue and white colours and flowers, making the place glitter with beauty like the heavens. People kept trooping in and out of the mansion for the ceremony. Gina, Agnes and Lizzy were extremely busy with the arrangement and meals for the ocassion. Gina swiftly paced down the stairs, carrying a tray of mugs and wine glass. She trod into the kitchen, calling out Lizzy's name.Lizzy hurried into the kitchen with quite a pale and stressed gaze. "What's it, now, Gina?– why are you calling? I really got to rush to the bakery for the cake and pasteries before the ceremony begin so kindly be fast about it." She lamented." I need you to pass by the super market for some foodstuffs, please?" Gina pleaded. " I can't go at the moment else things would get messed up over here."" But Agnes can take charge while you rush over and return in a
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TWO YEARS AFTER THE BRILLIANTS SCHOOL COMPLEX It was a sports day at " The Brilliants School Complex". All the students were happily and busily getting ready for the match between the "Roses" and " Dandelions " of the school and Gisella's class was no different but no one was ready to mingle with her because of her nature." Come on, guys" Loretta mumbled as she trod pass Gisel along with her friends. " Let's join the rest at the field and leave this wiredo here– the sight of her alone disgust me" She chuckled as she pushed Gisella' s head, which made Bianca and Paola teased, giggling." Sure– such a bad luck she is." They all laughed as they sauntered out of the class.Gisella gazed at their back, pained and desolated. She was the only person left in the class with her ghost friend, Annabel." Is okay,Gisel– Just know that i'll always be your friend and will be by your side whenever you need me", Annabel consoled. She tickled her which made her burst out
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ANTONIO'S OFFICE Antonio sat behind his desk, lost in some document he was busy with. Just then a knock from the door drew his attention, he instinctively gazed up." Come in." He eluded and turned back to the documents.Gideon slowly pushed the door open and trod in. "There's a bad news, sir". He mumbled, nervous. Which made Antonio swiftly gaze up, tensed." What is it? Tell me, Deon?– whhat happened. "" The main quarters,sir– where all the products are kept , just caught fire." He answered in a single breath. Antonio sprang up, shocked. His face suddenly went pale as if the colour in his face had dried out." What?" He roared. " How  is that possible?– what do to mean!?"" I don't know sir" He stuttered. " But we couldn't retrieve anything from there."He added. Antonio suddenly felt numb. He sauntered back and slowly faint into the chair, devastated.  " God, this can't be happening."He exclaimed. Without further thoughts and hesitation, h
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ANTONIO'S MANSIONGisella sat by the window in a daze. Her mind flash over the earlier incident with Natasha . Tears welled up in her eyes, she wished there was another way to end this pain and suffering she was going through at the moment. Her eyes lurked through the window and Antonio's car drew her attention. The car drove through and pulled up infront of the garage. She instintively felt her heart wrecked apart." I wish you could feel the pain I'm going through right now" She eluded, her voice trembled admist sobs. " I wish you could see what I saw to make you realize" She paused, her throat chocked with tears. "To make you realize what you've brought upon us, dad"  She cried. Antonio slowly opened the door and got down car. He looked so devastated and miserable as if his whole world had come to an end. Gisella kept his gaze on him as he weakly sauntered out of the car like a corpse and leaned over it. She flinched at the reaction of her fa
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