Chapter 47

Ava retired home after lectures. She had expected at least Dylan to follow her post that event but he didn't. Rather, he and Ethan enjoyed pizza in canteen while she sat alone munching on an apple.

She missed all the fun she used to have with Ethan and other. But they were not missing her. They seemed to savour their lives without her. 

Had she really meant nothing to them? 

As tears formed again, Ava got inside her room and threw the bag on floor. She was about to jump on bed and cry to herself when she heard noises coming from Noah's room. 

She was skeptical and didn't want to see him yet her legs dragged her there. And to her dismay, Noah was sitting on floor with a bleeding heel. As she could see it, he had mistakenly stepped on broken pieces of glass that were scattered around on floor. 

"Ughh, this hurts!" she clenched her fingers watching

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