The Deal With Grimm
The Deal With Grimm
Author: Shantae Red
1. Job

Grimm always wanted a child, but he could never find the right girl for him. As many of these bitches he had fucked, he felt that none of them was worthy of carrying an heir for him. Everybody in Hell had a bunch of kids from multiple women, but not Grimm. He didn’t even have one. And because of him not being able to have one has been the laughing stock within Hell, lately.

Spending the night with a former succubus in Hell, Grimm decided to pay a visit to his friend, Lucifer. Lucifer was the Lord of this torturous place and Grimm was his right hand man, his best friend. He exited his room and headed down the steps, enjoying the sweet melody of the sinful souls that has been brought down here to live in eternal damnation. 

Grimm walked to Lucifer’s area, which was the Chamber of Judgement. That was where Lucifer picked the punishment for these unholy souls. He sighed, tired of the unfazing sex he had with the succubus a few hours ago as he walked into the place. The souls that were getting judged were wailing because of what they knew was going to happen to them. Grimm didn’t care about that, though. 

No, he just wanted to see if he had to work tonight. He needed to know if there were any souls he had to collect this very night. He walked over to the throne where Lucifer was sitting and judging. When he stood next to the throne, a yawn escaped his lips.

“Long night, Thanatos?” Lucifer asked, calling Grimm by his true name.

“You know I don’t go by that name.” Grimm corrected him.

“Whatever. How did you sleep? How was Lilah?”

“Five times was good enough for me.” He said, looking at the line of souls ready to be judged. “Always busy, huh?”

“Always. But that’s enough about what I am doing. I have a special job for you tomorrow night.”

Grimm turned and looked at his friend. He knew that whatever job he had for him was the same job that he always did, but there must’ve been a catch for this job. 

“There are three souls I am going to need you to bring to me.” Lucifer told him.

“That’s nothing new.” Grimm rolled his eyes.

“Don’t do me, Thanatos. If you don’t like your job, I’d be happy to give it to someone else.”

“That’s not what I was implying.”

Grimm turned his head back to his friend and saw the smirk on his face.

“I know.”

He got up from his throne, leaving the souls behind as him and Grimm walked out of the room. Lucifer wanted to talk to his friend about the job that he wanted him to take. As they headed down the stairs made out of human bones and flesh, Lucifer decided it was time to fill his friend in. 

“There’s a party I would like you to attend.” He began as they headed to the dining hall.

“I don’t do parties, Lucifer.” Grimm reminded his friend as they walked over to the table where his demon hounds were feasting on the bones and flesh of an old woman. “You know I’m too old for those.”

“Old, but still young; you don’t age at all, Grimm. That’s why you are perfect for this gig.”

Grimm turned his attention back to the hounds, who stared back at him with blank expressions. He rotated his head, cracking his neck as before turning his attention back over to Lucifer, who just stood there looking at him.

“There’s a party that is taking place tomorrow night.” Lucifer continued. “I need you to bring me the three souls that will die that night.”

“What’s the occasion? You never ask me to bring these souls to you. They are always placed in a cage before you judge them.”

Lucifer’s lips curved into a vicious smile and his red eyes lit up when Grimm asked him about it. 

“I’m happy you asked, my good friend and as I would answer that question with a simple ‘no soul is special’ speech, it seems that I can’t lie to you. The three souls are going to be of three special friends that are going to die tonight during a car crash.”

“That’s special? I always bring you souls that died from car crashes. It should be something you are used to by now.”

Lucifer chuckled at his friend’s remark. What he is about to tell him will put some excitement in that boring tone of his.

“Those three souls are not tainted.” He announced, causing Grimm to raise his eyebrows at him. “This will be their first time doing something like this and that will be the last. Now, while you now know everything, I want to know if you will do this for me?”

Grimm crossed his arms, but agreed to help his long time friend out. Pure, he thought to himself. How can they be pure if they are over here about to drink their last drink for the remainder of their lives? 

“Yeah, what time is this party?” Grimm asked.



Grimm turned and was ready to go out of the room, but of course, Lucifer whistled, calling him back to him.

“Dress to impress, this party is to die for.” Lucifer said, smirking at his friend.

Grimm walked out, mumbling under his breath. He knew Lucifer really wanted these three souls, but for what? He wasn’t entirely sure about the reason, but when his friend gave him a job, he had to do it. He didn’t want him to contact any of the other reapers that was around. That’ll fuck up his reputation and his relationship with the Lord of the Underworld.

“Grimm?” He turned and seen his best friend’s ex-wife, Lilith, coming towards him. “How are you?”

She hugged him, her hands rubbing up and down his smooth back. Lilith always cared about Grimm, but she couldn’t be with him since he was her ex’s best friend. But, they both knew that if he didn’t claim her, Grimm definitely would have.

 “I’m fine.” He told her. “I need to prepare for this party for tomorrow night.”

 “Soul collecting?”

 “You already know.”

She walked with him back to his room and she took a seat on his bed, the same bed he fucked his friend’s demon in. As he looked in his closet for an outfit for tomorrow, he could feel Lilith’s grey eyes, staring at him in the back of his head.

“What?” He asked her.

“Why do you do that?” She asked as she laid on his bed. “When you fuck them, what are you hoping to gain?”

“Nothing, why do you care what I do?”

“If you’re trying to have a child with them, you’re out of -.”

“I don’t want them to carry my fucking child!”

He looked at Lilith with irritation. Her and Lucifer are always telling him who to fuck or who not to fuck and quite frankly, Grimm was getting annoyed with it. Grimm knew who he wanted to carry his child for him. However, he hasn’t came across her yet. 

“Don’t get mad, Grimm.” She told him. “I was just telling you.”

“You and Lucifer belong together because it seems that’s all you guys do.”

She smacked her lips and got off his bed. She walked over to him, placing her hand on his back and scratching it as she went down to his pants.

“I just want what’s best for you.” She whispered to him. “I wish you would touch me, so I can give you what you really been wanting all these years.”

Grimm grabbed an outfit he thought would work for tomorrow night and closed the door to his closet, turning around to face Lilith. She tried to place her lips against his, but was intercepted with his hand. Yeah, he cared about Lilith, but Lucifer was his friend. That line would never be crossed and that was a promise Grimm made to himself.

 “I would never touch you the way you want me to.” He whispered back to her. “I would never betray my friend’s trust.”

Lilith backed away from Grimm, nodding her head at him before she turned to exit out of his room. Stopping at the door entrance, Lilith turned back to him and smiled.

“You are too loyal, Grimm.” She said. “I wonder if Lucifer would do the same for you.”

She walked out, leaving Grimm to think about what she had just said.

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