Chapter Two 3. Hunter

“I see.”

When Celeste had stalked in Hunter wasn’t sure what was wrong. Part of him hadn’t known what Tyler had meant earlier, what 'off' could have really meant. Walking in to the office she had been wild, her golden eyes flashing in a way he hadn’t seen in years.  He couldn’t even imagine what might have caused his wife to shake with so much pent up energy. But now he understood.

Another Mate. Hunter wondered what they might be like.

“That’s it?” Celeste was distressed and confused, he could see that she her body trembling with the energy that pulsed through her. “I tell you I have a second mate and you say ‘I see’?”

Hunter stood and came around to her side of the desk. Her foot tapped with nerves but she paused as he pulled the chair closer to him.  From here he could reach out and take her hand. He felt her still instantly, which made him smile, he could still calm her with a simple touch. 

Resting against his desk he asked calmly, “How are you feeling?”

She took a deep breath, her gaze turning inward. It was obvious, to him at least, that she hadn’t thought of herself yet. It was very likely she had only focused on her new mate and Hunter at this point. Seven years was a long time to love someone and he knew her reactions well.

“I don’t know,” she answered honestly, frowning to herself. “I hadn’t thought anything was missing,” she admitted to him, “but now that I’ve seen her.” She trailed off and Hunter breathed deep, smelling her arousal. She squirmed slightly at his look, flush filling her cheeks.

“I almost jumped her right in that interview room,” Celeste admitted and Hunter purred in response.

“It is not unheard of to have more then one mate,” he brought her back to the topic at hand, lest they get… distracted.

“Never in my Clan,” she muttered, “and it’s not like we’re young. You know how far back they trace us. Just what I needed, another reason to piss them off.”

He watched as she tugged at her braid, agitation returning. Leaning forward he stilled the movement, kissing her lightly but firmly. Reminding her they were in this together. She sighed against his lips, nodding at the unspoken message.

“It has happened in my family,” he admitted, “not often, but certainly not unheard of.” 

She looked at him, both happy and surprised by the revelation.”Can you feel her? She could belong to us both?”

Hunter shook his head, regretful for the disappointment that coursed through her.  “You have felt her presence all morning,” Tyler had been right to realise she had been off, it was just the reason that had been unknown.”I haven’t, not even now, knowing she exists. I think she is only your mate.”

Hunter couldn’t help the laugh at her pout. “Oh how you’ll suffer, having two mates to pander to your every whim.” Another kiss, this time longer and deeper. When they broke apart she was a little breathless and Hunter smirked.

“She is also Human,” Celeste told him when she could speak again, “How do I even explain half of this to her?”

“You will figure it out, you always do when it is important.” He kissed her knuckles, “tell me about your mate?”

“I don’t know much yet, but her name is Sally…”


Celeste wasn’t sure, but Hunter wanted to meet her mate.  He thought alone might be best, as Celeste was still high strung about the whole affair, and he wanted to meet her without their bond muddling up everything.

It certainly hadn’t stopped her from debating it with him all the way down the elevator. She had forced it to stop a few times, trying to get her point across. Hunter would not budge though. As both Sally’s direct boss and husband to Celeste, he wanted their first meeting alone. In the end Celeste had huffed, quite cutely, before deciding that going for a run might be the best idea. 

He loved how she made him smile more often then not.

Pausing before entering the interview area, Hunter wasn’t surprised when Kyra found him.

“Did you see Celeste?” 

Pregnancy certainly hadn’t slowed her down any. Celeste owed him for this.

Kyra didn’t wait for a response. “She left before even starting Sally’s interview! And Tyler was real weird about it too! Something’s going on, what is it?”

“Is Sally still here?” He asked instead, making Kyra scowl.

“I don’t like it when you all keep secrets from me.” She poked him in the arm. Even though she was a human, Kyra had always been a spit fire. And now she was married to one of the cousins, and pregnant, it was worse then ever. Hunter would never, ever tell her, but he was glad they’d organised for her to go on early maternity leave.

When he said nothing else she huffed in frustration. “You and Tyler are so much alike it’s not funny. Boy’s gonna be super pissed when he meets a mate like Celeste,” she groused. “Yes, Sally’s still here. Apparently she’s now my replacement.”

Hunter raised an eyebrow. He would also not let Kyra know how keen he was to know what she thought of Celeste’s mate. “Are you complaining?”

She shrugged. “Not really, she seemed like the nicest of the bunch. I’m sure she’d do okay if given the chance. I just don’t like you lot keeping secrets from me.”

“Well, if you weren’t such a gossip-“

This time she slapped him on the shoulder, “and Tyler’s not? No, something’s going on.  You two can keep your secrets for now, but I wanna know soon.”

Then she shook her head, standing a little straighter. “All right, come and meet your new PA before I have to go pee again.”

Kyra opened the interview room and the two occupants lifted their heads. Hunter looked into deep hazel eyes flecked with green.  He breathed the room in deep and he could smell everything, down to the coconut soap clinging to her fresh washed skin.

But no spark, no mate bond snapping into place. For a moment he was sad, he could easily see himself in both woman’s arms, loving them both. But the feeling didn’t last too long, after all, millions of people had relationships without the mate bond. Hunter had always liked a challenge.

Tyler’s eyes narrowed slightly as he looked subtly between the two of them.

What’s going on with Celeste?

Hunter did not bother to answer. It wasn’t like Celeste would be able to keep it a secret forever. Eventually the clan would have to know.

Instead he held his hand out to the red head who watched him with interest, but not recognition. He would have to change that.

“I hear you’re my new Personal Assistant,” he said as she took his hand, enjoying the way her eyes widened and breath hitched slightly.  He leant over her, bringing her knuckles to his lips. “Welcome to North Industries, Ms Smith.”


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