Tomboy and her admirer

Tomboy and her admirer

By:  Parinaz  Completed
Language: English
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Grace, a nerd who has liked her bully, Ava, for 2 years but is sure to be not liked back by her. One day, that tomboy comes close to her and helps her when she's at her limit. Grace is confused by the sudden change in her behaviour but doesn't complain and they become good friends. Before knowing, Ava is head over heels in love with her. But Grace has a lot of secrets buried in her heart and she's not ready to tell her any of it and thus keeps lying to her. Ava, on the other hand, is a narcissist and hates when things don't go her way or when people use her. Their opposite personalities create differences between them. Will Ava the playgirl be able to stay loyal to her? Will Grace be able to overcome her fears and live her life on her own rules? And the biggest question, Will they rise or fall in love?

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Ellesor Oyorra Aru
Very beautiful story. Its a heavy drama made me cried for how many times.. Thumbs up!
2022-12-17 20:01:06
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Nash Sisanam
2021-08-13 16:05:13
default avatar
Nash Sisanam
I really like reading this book
2021-08-01 00:46:07
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Saniel Magpali
very nice story and the ending was great
2021-04-30 00:40:42
user avatar
Aryn Peoples
i love this book so much
2021-03-30 00:14:40
default avatar
excellent read with twists along the way.
2021-03-19 00:56:45
user avatar
Akashia Grei
Such a great story! And the ending is superb! 😊
2021-03-06 23:27:04
user avatar
Brandon Young
I loved reading this book. as soon as I open it I didn't put it down until I was finished. this book had me crying so hard. 😭
2021-03-03 17:51:09
user avatar
Shannon Holicza
great book, loved all the twists and turns and how love wins out always
2021-02-02 06:40:15
user avatar
Grace and Ava?
2020-10-25 13:11:13
user avatar
Ruth Garcia
update please
2020-09-08 23:57:41
user avatar
Diana DonechangedupLewis
really good read
2021-06-02 18:26:50
58 Chapters
Ava, a tomboy, who created trouble at the college, her grades were bad and teachers were tired of her. But she had rich parents so no one dared to stop her from doing anything wrong. She had a bold personality but her rich family had nothing to do with the fact that everyone was afraid of her. She had her gang and they went around bullying others at the campus. She once saved, a nerd, Grace from being bullied because she was the only one who could do so. She was interested in that mysterious quiet girl and expressed her interest by bullying her.Grace, a girl from a poor family, she was an excellent student and had good grades. She lived a little far away from the campus. She did a lot of part-time jobs to pay the bills for she lived alone and her family didn't give her any money, sometimes she had to send them money. She didn't talk to anyone from the class or even the campus and never opened her heart to anyone.Grace started liking Ava when she saved her from being
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The nightmare
"Hey, who do you think you are, huh?" A girl shouted as she pushed Grace towards the wall, making her bang against it. She was wearing ragged clothes and looked like a punk. She had two other girls beside her. Grace looked terrified and she had a few bruises on her body and her face because they had tripped her on the stairs and kicked her. Her clothes were a bit torn and had a little blood on them from the wounds that she got."You wear such poor clothes, who do you think you are to disobey me, bitch?" She shouted at her and rose her hand to slap her in the face for the second time. She was so angry because Grace had disagreed to do their project for she had to go to her job quickly.Grace closed her eyes tightly for she was kinda afraid now. But nothing happened, she slowly opened her eyes a few seconds later and saw Ava standing in front of her. She had held that girl's hand back and thus prevented her from hitting Grace. Ava was the one who usually bullied Grace but she couldn't u
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Her stalker
Grace was working at the cafe quietly, attending all the customers, and giving them their orders. It was a peaceful evening but suddenly the doors opened. She turned to greet the new customers but was surprised to see Ava and her gang in the cafe. She was shocked to see that they would actually come there and slipped away from their sight. She was squatted behind the counter and asked her coworker to attend them. Her boss saw her and asked her to work properly and go to attend the customers. She got up and took their order. When she brought their order, Harry tripped her and the hot coffee spilled on her hand and a little bit on their clothes. They blamed her for ruining their clothes and being so lousy and called her boss. He scolded her and asked her to work overtime that day. She was sad because she still had assignments to do and this would only make stay up all night. She didn't say anything and just nodded as he ordered her.The others were laughing at her while Ava was
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Her harsh words
They both talked for a long time and it didn't seem like there wasn't much of a difference between them. Grace couldn't study at all that day but she was a lot happier than usual for two reasons, first, her crush finally talked to her, and second, she just made a friend after a long time. She laughed a lot with her and Ava found her cute and innocent."Why do you do so many part-time jobs?" Ava asked her as they were leaving the store."To make a living." She replied straight away."Don't your parents give you money?" Ava asked and found it a little strange."No, but they do ask for it sometimes." Grace said and had a smile on her face.Ava stopped walking after hearing this, she was shocked after knowing the amount of pressure she had to bear."And why do you study so much?" Ava asked her with a blank face."So that I can get a scholarship." She replied as she turned around. Ava was a little awkward for she didn't know how to react n
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Her step brother
A guy was standing at the gate and as Grace came out, he stepped forward and hugged her. Ava felt frustrated, she couldn't understand why she felt upset when she saw her with someone else. She walked away from there followed by her other friends."Lucas! What the hell are you doing?" She said as she pushed him away."Can't I hug my sister?" He said in a teasing voice that sounded disgusting to her."You know I don't like it." She said and started walking."And you know I love creating trouble for you." He said and started following her."I just wanted to check if you were dating anyone, but you aren't, cause no one came forward to push me away." He said and she was stressed out, already because of Ava and now he also came to increase the stress."Why are you here?" She asked him in a frustrated tone."I need money." He said, turned his head towards her, and continued, "Mom told me to take it from you.""You know I don't have su
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"I do care for you..."
Ava ran around that area to find Grace but she was nowhere to be seen. She got tired after running for a long time and started walking slowly to catch her breath and didn't know where else to find her when suddenly she heard the sounds of someone sobbing. She followed that sound and it led her to a dark alley. She used her phone's flashlight to see clearly and saw Grace squatted on the floor, leaning against the wall and crying uncontrollably. Her knees were bruised, her hair was messy, her eyes red and feet was swollen. She rushed up to her and wiped away her tears."Oh, Grace are you okay?" She asked as she caressed her cheek but she didn't reply and just hugged her tightly. Her heart skipped a beat but she hugged her back and just caressed her back to calm her. Grace stopped crying after some time and pulled away from the hug. Ava whipped her tears away and smiled at her softly, a smile that seemed to take away all her pain."Nerd, you made a mess of yourself by cry
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"Open your shirt..."
"Open your shirt." Ava said with a straight face and Grace was shocked. She backed away a little and her face started to burn up."Are you blushing?" Ava asked and came closer to her face. Grace covered her face and looked away. Ava laughed and opened the first aid box."I'm just gonna apply for some medicine on your bruises." Ava said and flicked her forehead.She slowly removed her shirt after she kept pursuing her and looked away from her. Ava was shocked as she saw her arms. There were several marks on her body and it seemed as if she had scratched her arms several times. She reached out her hand to touch them but she backed away. As Ava looked at her face, she noticed that she was embarrassed and was on the verge of tears so she took her hand back and applied for medicine on her wounds without saying anything.She applied medicine to the cotton and dabbed it on the bruises. There was complete silence yet they could hear each other's hearts beat like
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Her crush
Grace and Ava were sitting on the sofa afterward for neither of them was able to sleep so they decided to talk for some time. They talked about college stuff and friends etc. Well, it was Ava who was talking mostly and Grace was just listening to her quietly."Grace, do you have a crush on anyone?" Ava asked suddenly and she flinched."" Grace replied immediately. "What about you?" She asked her and was nervous to hear her response."I do actually." Ava said with a smile and Grace's heart dropped. "You know right, the topper from our class, Daniel. He's so cute." She told her and she nodded with a smile, although her mind was in a mess. "But I don't dare to tell him yet." She added."You should tell him, maybe it'll work out. Grace suggested and she smiled."Let's watch a movie," Ava suggested after some time."We have to go to college tomorrow." Grace reminded her."Oh yeah, you'll go there with a broken foot," Ava said sarcast
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"I'll take care of you..."
Ava became kinda busy after that day and didn't visit Grace that often but she used to call her every night to ask if she was fine and if she needed anything. Grace always gave her a positive response and never complained about anything for she didn't want to depend on her too much. They used to talk for a long time and sometimes fell asleep midway.Grace went back to college after three days when her foot healed properly. She wore a hoodie to cover her scars and because it was kinda cold weather so no one bothered to question her. Ava knew that she was coming and was waiting for her at the gate. For some reason, she asked her to come half an hour earlier."You didn't have to wait for me," Grace said as she reached near her."Here," Ava said and handed her a bag."What is this?" She asked in confusion."Breakfast. Let's eat together." Ava said and suddenly grabbed her hand. She pulled her to the cafeteria to eat their food together there."H
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"You like her right?"
Days went by and Grace used to hang out with Ava and the others at college and sometimes they used to visit her at the cafe. She became pretty familiar with them and didn't feel so uncomfortable now.The day of the trip was arriving closer and they all were very excited about it. It was a week-long trip. They were going to the nearby city which was famous for its beautiful tourist attractions. They were going to trek for three days and camp at night. Afterward, they were going to explore the city for two days, and in the last two days, they were free to do anything they wanted, which was allowed because the students requested the organizers, and in the end, they were told to assemble at the given place. They were going to reach the city by bus.The day of the trip finally arrived and they were all assembled at the college, early in the morning, waiting for everyone to arrive. They had their luggage collected at one place and were just talking, Grace and Emily were sitt
Read more Protection Status