Chapter Four 2. Celeste

Even if she hadn’t been able to smell her, Celeste would have known the moment Sally stepped into the office space. She could feel her presence all the way down to her bones.

Hunter was enamoured with her; he had spun the tale of Sally defending her virtue into a story of epic proportions. After the roller coaster of the last few days, Celeste was delighted to see the joy Hunter got out of this, even if it painted him as the bad guy in Sally’s eyes.

Celeste wondered what the girl would tell her when they finally got a moment to talk. As she approached her, Celeste smiled to herself. Her little mate was brave considering the conversation she’d had with Hunter yesterday,

“Mrs North?”

Celeste bit back a groan. The light, warm way she said her name was addictive, Celeste could listen to her all day. She turned from the photocopier, taking in her black pants and turquoise, long sleeved top as well as the waves of red curls falling over her body.

She couldn’t stop the smile that bloomed on her face if she tried. And the way Sally blushed just made it even more worth while.

“I’m your husband’s new PA. Sally-“ 

“Smith.” Celeste rolled part of her name around on her tongue, making her purr. Sally’s blush only appeared to deepen as she spoke. Even if she didn’t know what it was, the mate bond was affecting her to.

“I am aware,” she held out her hand to shake Sally’s, desperate for any sort of touch. “Congratulations on the position.”

Her eyes widened when their hands met and Celeste watched her teeth take her bottom lip, arousal flooding her. Sally could feel it, Celeste knew without a doubt and she breathed in her heady scent.   Like the land after a bush fire ripped through. Heady, potent and dangerous. She could almost feel the heat of the flames.

“Celeste, please just call me Celeste.”


The sound of her mate saying her name undid Celeste.  Her whole body quaked with the power of the sound. Sally’s eyes were impossibly wide, filled with a wonder that Celeste would be hard pressed to admit to ever feeling. She was everything right now.

“Your husband asked me out on a date.”

Sally’s hand was ripped out of hers as they both slapped against her cheeks, covering her eyes. Sally was obviously mortified by her out burst, her blush coating the tips of her ears and creeping down her neck. She was absolutely adorable and Celeste gave up on the fight.

“Did he now?” Celeste could see a flash of her hazel eyes peeking through her fingers. “And will you?”

Celeste stalked forward, her hands falling from her face as she watched wide eyed.

“Will I what?” She whispered, her voice deepening as her smell pooled around them. Celeste could only wonder if she was dripping, her smell was intoxicating.

“Will you go out with Hunter?”

Sally’s breathing stopped and Celeste could see the wonder in her face as she nodded. Satisfied that she was at least semi-open to to the idea of going out with Hunter, Celeste closed the distance between them.


She knew she needed to slow down, to keep control or risk scaring Sally off. But she also needed to know if those lips were as soft as they seemed. So she leant forward, pausing a few moments from her lips, but she didn’t back away. If anything she swayed a little closer.

Celeste pressed her lips to Sally’s.

She knew how heady and out of control the mate bond could be, not just from secondhand knowledge either. She had lived and breathed having Hunter as her mate for seven blissful years. But Sally was something else. Hunter was a whirlwind of adventure, he was dancing in the storm and riding every wave. Sally, kissing Sally was like coming home.

The girl’s hands went straight around her waist, pulling her even closer while Celeste sunk her fingers into those curls, digging slightly into her scalp as she tipped her head up. The height difference was new, but delightful, Celeste loved how small and delicate she felt in her hands.

Her lips were soft, and she gasped, making Celeste mew in response, wanting to taste her. Even as she thought it, Sally gripped her a little tighter and her tongue flicked against the seam of her lips. Groaning Celeste met the exploring touch, she tasted as smokey as she smelt.

Their tongues danced and she could feel Sally trembling against her. She loosened her grip, fingers kneading her skull, soothing her.

:Oo La La, Cel. What a sensation to come to work with. Are you bewitching your Mate?:

:She may be bewitching me, Hunter:

They kissed for minutes while Celeste floated, caught between the pull of desire between her two mates. She couldn’t even begin to phantom what this would be like, with the two of them surrounding her. Hunter purred in delighted agreement.

Slowly she pulled back, she could hear sounds of the building waking and did not need the Clan to ruin this. Not yet, not ever if she had her way.

Her forehead rested against Sally’s, the pale girl’s eyes closed and her lips parted and swollen. Celeste kissed her again, chastely. Mostly chastely as she let her tongue taste those lips just one more time.

Groaning she stepped back, trying to put some space between them. She skimmed her hands down her arms as those hazel eyes parted, watching her dazedly.  Celeste took her hands, bringing them up and kissing the knuckles one at a time while Sally watched, breathless. She wonder if the little human could feel the tingle each time their skin touched.

“Please go on a date with my husband,” she whispered against her hands before lowering them. Sally blinked owlishly at her, nodding slowly, reluctantly parting from her. “I would really like to see us all get along.”

Sally appeared to gulp, make Celeste smirk. She wondered where her mind had gone as her eyes appeared to gloss over. Chuckling she stepped forward again, this time fixing Sally’s hair back into place. “And maybe after tonight, we could all go on a date together?”

Satisfied that Sally didn’t look too much like she’d been mauled Celeste took her copies from the machine behind her. She gave one Sally one last, secret smile before heading towards the elevators. She was going to need a cold shower before she tried any sort of serious work.

“Wait,” Sally said suddenly from behind her, “What do you mean tonight?”

Celeste laughed, waving at the panicked girl as she disappeared into the elevator. Hunter was right, it was going to be very hard to take this slowly.


Author's Note: Sorry it's a bit late, the site was down for a bit and I needed sleeeeeeep

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Ahhhhh you are KILLING me!!!

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